Blowing into Chatham

The other day in was just insanely windy! There was no way I was headed to the beach to get whipped by sand all day, the beach is my happy place and I’m not trying to put myself in a situation where I’m going to hate the beach! So I hopped in the car and made the short drive from Dennis to Chatham!

Chatham is one of my favorite spots on the Cape. There are so many cute little shops to check out while you stroll through town and plenty of restaurants to grab a bite to eat! I stopped by In the Pink, the Lilly Pulitzer signature store and picked up a new dress. Chatham is right on the “elbow” of the cape so no matter where you’re staying it is not to far of a drive!

Drive along Shore Road and check out all the gorgeous houses lined with hydrangeas! Stop at Chathams Bar Inn for a drink if you have the time, definitely one of my favorite spots to meet friends for a quick cocktail! I was in the neighborhood and I came across an adorable little girl having a lemonade stand “Paws for a Cause” she wash icing all the money she made to a local animal shelter, so precious! Before you head home for the day stop and see the Chatham Light. It was a crazy windy day, not great for pictures but it was definitely a lot of fun and we did get a few shots in!