Painted Brick Studio

Living in a small apartment I am often frustrated by how little I can do to spruce my place up. I don’t have an eye for interior design, I spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking at beautifully put together rooms but when it comes to execution I just don’t have it. Recently I have been feeling very blah about my space, it’s small and doesn’t get much sunlight. I wanted something to brighten the place up!

I was so excited to work with Hilary, owner of Painted Brick Studio to redecorate my bedroom. It’s such a cool concept that o haven’t seen before. Painted Brick sends you a box full of home decor. You select a room, style, price tier, and answer a few questions about your personal preferences. Then get surprised by all the fantastic pieces they send you. I asked Hilary if the items she sent me could be from eco and socially conscious brands and she did a great job of respecting my request!

I am in love with the prints that were in my Painted Brick Studio box, they even came already framed, by Lunch City Studio. I hung mine right over my bed. I am also loving the 4thingstote by The Shop Forward. My ‘4 things’ were Ack. Autumn. Bean Boots. Hydrangeas. it is a perfect on the go tote and they have so many different designs!

The west elm pillow and throw blanket that were in my box are so cozy and matched my room perfectly! But I have to say my favorite item is probably the Cat Studio Massachusetts embroider pillow! I had so much fun working with Hilary and I am so happy with how my room came out. Got a little face lift to cheer me up right as we get into the colder days! I think Painted Brick Studio I a great option if you recently moved, feel like you want to mix it up but don’t know how, or if you just never got around to making a space your own! With the Holidays right around the corner it makes the perfect gift! Use my code PAINTEDFALL15 for 15% off your purchase. What room would you redecorate?


Decking the Halls

Last week we put up our Christmas tree. This is the first year I really feel like it was my tree. In the past it’s been my family’s tree or my roommate’s tree. But this year I got all new ornaments, decided on tartan ribbon and clear lights. I am so happy with how that tree came out and all our holiday decor has the apartment looking very festive. My roommate got some holiday scented candles from Marshall’s that have just elevated everything to the next level!

We watched Four Christmases and drank prosecco while we decorated. These Tossware champagne flutes (c/o) are fantastic! They won’t break so even though we knocked our glasses over a few times through out the decorating process we did not need to clean up any broken glass! They are also stackable which in small Beacon Hill apartments anything that saves space is a win!

Have you all decorated your trees yet? Do you prefer to have a theme/ color scheme to your tree or is it just a free for all?