Lash Lift

Lately I feel like everyone I know is getting eyelash extensions. For a while I debated taking the plunge and getting some. But ultimately I went with a Lash Lift and Tint. Extensions require a lot of maintenance, you cannot rub your eyes, or use an oil based face wash. I follow a Korean Beauty skincare routine which includes an oil based face wash, and I really didn’t want to mix up my routines right now. I also have super bad seasonal allergies so not rubbing my eyes was something I knew I would have a really hard time with!

Ultimately be honest with yourself, I knew I would not be able to do all the upkeep that extensions require. A lash lift lasts longer and doesn’t require as much day to day upkeep.

I visited Posh Lash in Burlington last week and loved my experience! I was super impressed by how adorable, and most importantly, clean the studio was! I’ve seen some nail salons offering lifts but I would encourage you to come to Posh or another studio that specializes in eyelash services! Someone is putting chemicals right near your eye so you want to feel assured that the person doing them is properly trained.

Rachel from Posh did my lift and tint and she was so great! I was a bit nervous going in because I had never had a lift before but she talked me through the whole process before we got started and explained each step as she did it! The whole process took about an hour, starting with the perm and then the tint. Before


I hate wearing makeup in the summer and now with my new lift I still look put together and wide eyed even when I just rolled out of bed. I feel more confident and beautiful everyday! The lift is super easy to maintain, try not to get them super wet, the more often you get them wet the quicker the perm will fade.

I had such a great experience at Posh Lash, they have locations in Burlington and Lynnfield so it’s super convenient for those of you in the greater Boston area or the north shore! I’ll definitely be back in 4-6 weeks for another Lash Lift!

Posh Lash did my lift and tint in exchange for this post but as always all opinions are my own. And I am so happy with how these lashes came out! After #nomakeup