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Under the Tree

What are you hoping for under your tree this year? I spend a lot of time finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list. I love wrapping up gifts, when I was little my Dad used to take us to the store to pick something out for each of us to give to my Mom. When I was 7 he taught me how to wrap the presents. My Dad is a little OCD so they had to be wrapped perfectly! Today I still love wrapping presents, though it mostly happens on Christmas Eve the past couple of years.

This year I am super excited to have these Crab and Cleek totes (c/o) under my tree! There are so many different patterns you can find one for every person on your list! I love the Fair Isle Sweater tote!! What are you hoping for under your tree this year? Do you like wrapping presents as much as me?


Merry Stressmas

So I am sitting here, about to take my last final, thinking about all the Christmas shopping I still need to do and I am stressing. Christmas is supposed to make you merry and jolly. But many of us find ourselves stressed and exhausted during the Holidays. This can be true for any age group but I have found it especially hard to enjoy the holidays while in college.

We all know about the importance of time management. But I also think that today we face pressure to constantly be “doing the most”. We compete to see who is busiest. We look on social media and see our friends out doing fun things and feel lame for staying in. We’re told by older generations that we’re lazy so we work overtime. The pressure is real.

Ever since I was 16 I have had a job. Once in college it became a job and an internship, then it was two jobs and an internship. Well this month I managed to squeeze in three jobs, applying for, interviewing for and obtaining an internship for next semester. All while finishing classes and taking finals, I took 18 credits this semester.

My story is not unusual, most of my peers work one or two jobs on top of internships and course work. I have been so stressed the past week I haven’t been sleeping. December should be a time you can spend with your family and friends. You should be able to sit down and watch your favorite Christmas movie and have some cookies. Time management doesn’t always mean finding a way to fit everything in, sometimes it means looking at your calendar and ask, what can I get rid of? There are plenty of memes out there that joke about self care. But it shouldn’t be a joke, as the semester comes to a close take a beat to relax and enjoy the holiday seasons!


A Christmas Tradition

Right before me and Mike’s first Christmas together he took me to his place in Maine. It was my first time there, I had actually never been that far north in Maine before. It is so beautiful up there, it is the perfect place to go, unplug and relax for a few days before Christmas.

This year is our 4th Christmas together and for a fourth year in a row we headed up to Maine. It’s great to spend a weekend just the two of us, no WiFi, no distractions!

On the way home we always stop off in Freeport. I love the Christmas Village LL Bean does every year, this year they called in the Celebration of the Northern Lights. During the day Santa is there for the kids (and big kids) to take photos with, there are reindeer, hundreds of Christmas trees all lit up, it is truly magical! We can all get a little stressed during the holidays but strolling through all the trees really makes me feel like I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Thanks to Mike for being a good sport and letting me take a million photos even though you were cold!


Boston Winter

City Hall Plaza is in the Holiday spirit! Swing by and check out all the locally owned businesses, grab some hot chocolate or fried dough and go ice skating!

They did this event last year and I think it’s even better this year! There are so many great shops to check out and do all your Christmas shopping! Mostly boutique places so it can be a little pricey but if you are looking for a unique gift it is definitely a great place to look. I got my boyfriends gift at one of the shops and I can’t wait for him to open it.


Holiday Wear

Getting dressed up is probably my favorite part of the Holiday season. I pull out all my festive pieces that are really only fun during December. Even though I only wear them one month out of the year I still find my self adding new pieces to my collection. I really like black watch this year because you can keep wearing that after the Holidays! Here are a few pieces that a grabbed for the Holiday season.

Vineyard Vines Skirt

The second I saw this skirt I knew it was going to be my Christmas Day outfit! I’m pairing it with this black bell sleeve sweater.

J.Crew Shirt

New Years Eve anyone? Sequins, bows, I’m sold! Boston is so cold onNew Years Eve that even though I’m always drawn to all the sparkling dresses this top with black pants is much more comfortable!

J.Crew Factory Black wacth

Like I said Black Watch is perfect for the Holiday season but you can keep wearing it all winter. This wool skirt is perfect for the office!

J.Crew Factory Top

J.Crew Factory always does great holiday wear and you really can’t beat the price! I love this top for Christmas Eve!

Today is typically the last day for ground shipping guaranteed arrival before Christmas, so if you’re still looking for a Christmas outfit be sure to order today!