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Ways you can help aid victims of the Australia Wildfires

Australia is being devastated by wildfires, these fires are a direct result of climate change. Sustainability is no longer something we can casually think about, we need action now. The CO2 emissions coming off the fire in Australia will impact us all in the long term, we have one earth, one ozone layer, one atmosphere.

Nearly 12.35 million acres have been burned, 25 people are dead and many others are missing, 500 million, that’s half a billion, animals have perished. Threatening populations with extinction the Australian summer has just started and the Australia. Government does not have and is unwilling to help. Being on the other side of the world may make you feel like there is nothing you can do, but there is!

Places to give

Australian Red Cross: providing humanitarian aid to the thousands who have been displaced by the fires. The Red Cross is providing temporary shelter, water, and food.

NSW Rural Fire Service: North South Wales has been hit the hardest by these fires. Many of those out there fighting the fires are volunteers. Donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service to help provide resources directly to those on the frontlines fighting these fires.

WIRES: A half billion animals have perished, forever changing the Australian eco system. WIRES is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization. Donations will help rescue wildlife from the fires in NSW, the hardest hit state.

World Wildlife Fund: It is estimated that 1/3 of the Koala population has died in the wild fires. Many of the Koalas rescued from the fires have been badly burned. Donations to the World Wildlife Fund will go directly to medical care for the Koalas and planting trees to rehabilitate their habitat after the fires.

Can’t donate? Don’t worry there are other things you can do.

Educate yourself on climate change: There has been an aggressive disinformation campaign led by fossil fuel interest groups that have left many people misinformed on climate change. I have a list of documentaries you can watch here, pick a couple and then do your own research. When looking for sources, look for peer-reviewed scientific articles, published in reputable scientific journals. The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Economist, are all great sources that do a good job of reporting the facts.

Speak out on Climate Change: We live in a beautiful world where anyone can be an influencer. If you have an online following, no matter how small, you have an audience you can speak to. Speak out on your concerns, talk about ways people can live more sustainably. Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, where ever you spend time online you can spread the message that Climate change is real, it is man made, and it will be catastrophic for us all is we do not make change now.

Contact your elected officials: If we want to see large scale, long term change, we need government initiatives. Reach out to your local city councilors, your state’s governor, congressmen, and senators. You as a citizen have the right to contact and meet with your elected officials. Call there office, write them via snail mail or email, tweet at them, of tag them in social media posts. Even if they are already taking action on climate change reach out, tell them you see them and you want large scale change. Keep them accountable and keep them motivated. Find your elected officials here, and if you don’t like where they stand vote for some who is willing to fight for what you believe in. Register to vote here.

Share this post: I always appreciate when you guys share my posts. But this one is near and dear to me. Climate change is going to wipe out entire ecosystems, the earth we grew up on will be unrecognizable to our children and grandchildren. So please share, spread the word, and most important take action. Save the below images to easily share on your Instagram Story.


Ancient Rome

Rome is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It’s easy to see why so many flock to the Eternal City, from the amazing food to ancient ruins there is a little something for everyone. My recent trip to Rome was a whirlwind, we fit so much into just a few days!

On Day One we took on Ancient Rome, doing the three hour tour of the Colosseum. It’s incredible to stand in front of a structure built nearly 2000 years ago. In my opinion he skyscrapers we build today will never be as impressive as what civilization were able to create thousands of years ago with significantly less technology.

Throughout the tour you will hear stories of Ancient Emperors, gladiators, and executions. The Colosseum was much more than a simple sports stadium.

The Three Hour your also takes you to the Roman Forum, the birth of civilization as we know it today. Standing in the middle of the Roman Forum you are surrounded by ruins that once held important government offices, temples dedicated to the Roman Gods, and even housed the Vestal Virgins.

We did one of the Skip the Line tours with City Wonders and I highly recommend! The lines to get into the Colosseum were insane. Bring your camera, a reusable water bottle, and very comfortable walking shoes! I’m in my 20s, in pretty good shape and I was sore at the end of the tour. It is a lot of walking across uneven ancient paths, so be prepared, and whatever you do do not try to squeeze the Colosseum and Vatican City into one day. You will be so miserable by the end you won’t enjoy any of it!

In late fall the afternoons can still be pretty hot, we booked a 3pm tour, the first hour was a little warm but but 4pm the sun was starting to set and we got some relief. If you’re visiting Rome in the summer I would recommend going with an early morning tour so you can wrap up and get into the AC before the sweltering heat sets in. Definitely book your tours ahead of time, trust me this will save you a lot of stress when you arrive. The tour company will give you a meeting spot and when you arrive just look for the flags that have your tour company listed. If you’re only in Rome for a short period of time you should absolutely do the Colosseum, we all studied Ancient Rome in school but getting to see it first hand was really special.

Have you been to Rome or are you planning a trip? Let me know in the comments what the highlights are for you!


My go to Mule this Fall

Mules have been extremely popular in the last year! I personal love the trend, they’re comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and there are some seriously cute styles out there!

This season I have been living in my By Paige Needlepoint Mules! I got the mini leopard print pattern, which was so perfect for fall! They came with me to Vermont, got worn almost everyday at the office, and went with all my favorite fall outfits. I had a pair of By Paige loafers I wore over the summer and I was so impressed by the quality and comfort. Of course I knew I had to circled back when I was looking for the perfect Fall mules.

You can style mules with just about anything, for warmer days they go great with dresses and skirts but now that the weather has turned I’m pairing them with jeans almost every day. I have gotten so many compliments on the leopard print. Definitely grab a pair of By Paige mules before Fall is over!


My Favorite Spot — Dennis

People often ask me my favorite spot in New England, it’s impossible to choose! New England is so diverse and changes with the seasons. My favorite spot on the cape during the summer is totally different from my favorite spot in Maine. Today I’m happy to introduce a new series, My Favorite Spot, I will feature my favorite spots in various towns and New England getaways. This will be updated throughout the year so you can get an inside look at all the best spots throughout the seasons.

Today I’m happy to start with Dennis, Cape Cod. Dennis will always hold a special place in my heart, I grew up coming here every summer, just like my dad and granddad did. Cape Cod has a little something for everyone, beaches, hiking trails, golf, water sports, fishing, and so much more!

One of my favorite spots in Dennis is Sesuit Harbor Cafe. Located right on the water, sesuit harbor sits on the bay side of the cape. If you don’t know where to look for the cafe you will miss it, why? Because it is located behind the marina! Sit and watch boats get out in the water, watch people take off on jet skis and enjoy some of the freshest seafood out there.

I stopped by the other day for a mid day snack, I walked around the the raw bar and ordered some oysters. If you’ve never been you have to try their lobster roll! Sit outside at a picnic table and watch boats come and go from the marina. Sesuit Harbor is definitely worth a stop if you’re new to Dennis, or have been coming to Dennis for years and never been! After take a drive along the water and take in the amazing views!


Hydrangea Heaven

My favorite flowers without a doubt are hydrangeas! I love the blue and purple shades that bloom all over the cape and islands in the summer. I especially love that they match my new Lilly Pulitzer romper!

Nantucket is so beautiful this time of year, between all the sea roses covering Sconset the sea salt filled air, and hydrangeas everywhere! If you only have one weekend to get away this summer I would highly recommend Nantucket. It is my favorite destination!

My romper is from Lilly, I love a Karlie Romper, it’s really light and airy, so even though it is long sleeve you won’t be too hot!