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Sailing Away in Summer

Happy First weekend of Summer! Memorial has come and gone so unofficially summer started last month, but today is the Summer Solstice. I am so happy to be partnering with vineyard vines to feature their summer line on my blog this summer. When I got the summer catalog in the mail I was instantly drawn to this sailboat intarsia sweater. It is the perfect sweater to toss on for a day by the water when its a little breezy or to put on after the sun goes down and it gets a little chilly. AC8CED67-97A4-4630-98F1-B7E86A58FE297A36883E-C4D3-4677-989D-7001CFAA742Ffullsizeoutput_2408BD0658DA-0931-4A5F-945C-5585C21B4FF97D03B3F2-EDD9-436C-B4D6-3866333BB635fullsizeoutput_2407

I love spending time by the ocean every summer. My family has been going down the Cape my entire life. Growing up in New England was amazing because we had so many different options. Vineyard Vines has always been one of my favorite brands because it captures the essence of New England perfectly. The winters here may be horrible but I firmly believe the summers make it worth it. Can’t wait to go to Nantucket, the Cape, and Maine this summer!

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Public Gardens Picnic

I love living right down the street from the Boston Public Gardens. They are so beautiful, the swan boats, the ducklings, and all the flowers, it is perfection. Continuing with the gingham theme this summer I got this great skirt from J. Crew Factory, not only does it have a fabulous bow but it has pockets!!!! Men will never understand the struggle of not having pockets. I paired it with a navy crewneck sweater from J.Crew and my Jacks. My friend and I hung out in the gardens, relaxed on the grass watched all the swan boats go back and enjoyed some Welch’s non-alcoholic Rose. I adore rose but if you’re looking to enjoy something light and fruity without getting a buzz this is perfect for you!


I am in love with this necklace and earrings set from Peachy Pendants and adorable Etsy shop. The owner Jen is so kind and helpful! I was really happy with the quality of the set. So many companies charge so much for monogrammed accessories, Peachy Pendants is affordable! If you are looking to get brides maids gifts this is the perfect brand for inexpensive, quality accessories.


What is your favorite place to relax and unwind in your hometown?


End the Stigma

I’ve sat down to write this post countless times. I have deleted so many attempts out of my drafts folder. But it is time I talk about mental health. From Instagram it is easy to make my life look like it’s all cute outfits and rosé but that if far from the truth. Since I was a young teen I have struggled with mental illness specifically with depression and anxiety. To this day I still struggle. I have been very very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who always supported me and made sure I got the help that I needed.

That being said there were and are still some very very dark times. I would love to say that once you get treatment everything goes away but mental illness isn’t a cut or a bump, it doesn’t just heal and go away. It is chronic and can often last for years, and it has nothing to do with how much your family loves you, or how successful you are in your career.  Nearly 45,000 people committed suicide in the US last year. But there are thousands of chronic illnesses out there that people live with, talk about, and do not feel they need to take their own lives. I feel fortunate to have grown up in a generation willing to talk about mental illness but there is still a stigma out there that keep many people from seeking help. I have been scared to talk about my struggle with mental illness publicly because I was worried people at work or potential employers would treat me differently. I have been worried about being judged and mocked. But none of those feelings compare to the grief family and loved ones feel when someone they care about takes their own life. I have been in therapy, I have taken anti-depressives and anti-anxiety medication, I have tried yoga and meditation, I have suffered and cried and wanted to die. Some things have worked better than others, some worked for a little while and then stopped working. Early this year I remember crying to Mike after an anxiety attack, I told him “I just want to be normal.” With love and empathy he told me “it’s a chemical imbalance in you brain, I can’t count the number of people I know who have struggled with mental illness at one time or another. It is extremely common, so therefore you are normal.”

Mental illness is extremely common, society needs to stop treating it differently than any other illness. If you have ever felt alone because of your mental illness you are not. I am here. Thousands and thousands of other people have shared your struggle. Depression can make you feel all alone in the world and like there is no future for you. I have had those feelings, but things do get better. Treatment does work. There are people out there that love and care about you, and there are people out there waiting to help you.

I’m Katie, I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girl boss, a political junkie, a wine lover, and I struggle with mental illness.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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Sunday’s in the Country

I love the city in the summer but sometimes it is nice to get out and spend sometime away. The city can get so over crowded with tourists during the summer, it gets hot, and the T is a nightmare! Last weekend my friend Jen and I took a ride out to Nashoba Valley and hung out at Nashoba Valley Winery. I love their wine, they do wine tastings and tours. Pro -tip do the tour before the tasting!

It is officially white jeans season, though I never observe the memorial day rule, I broke out my favorite pair of white jeans from vineyard vines. I love their jeans they are just stretchy enough to be comfortable but they don’t stretch out so much that they don’t fit right after a couple of wears. I just wish vineyard vines would do short length for us short girls!

I also wore a vineyard vines off the shoulder top I got during their after Christmas sale! I accessorized with a fun hat from Nordstrom, Jack Rogers, and my Diff Sunglasses. The Winery is so beautiful they have picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and an outdoor patio. You can buy snacks at the winery or you can bring a picnic baskets and buy a bottle of wine to enjoy!



Late Night Snacks with New England Finest

This month I am super excited to be partnering with New England Finest! They are a fantastic company that does gift and or subscription boxes full of locally made goodies. I am a big fan of shopping local and NE Finest is a great way to discover to brands right here in New England. Shopping local not only supports family owned businesses but it is better for the environment. There is so much waste, food loss, and fuel used shipping products across the country. Buying local is just one small way you can do your part. IMG_2693img_2694.jpg

NE Finest is also giving back to children getting treated at Boston Children’s Hospital. For every 12 boxes purchased they donate one to a family who is currently getting treatment from Boston Children’s Hospital. My mom is an ICU nurse at Boston Children’s and I know how much the little things can make a difference. I love that NE Finest is working so hard to be a catalyst for good in our region!

Last week they sent me the Late Night Snack box which is full of delicious goodies! My favorite was the Jarva Cakes’ Dark Chocolate Velvet Lava Cake from Maine. It was the perfect treat after a long day at work! My other favorite in the box was the Popzup’s Popcorn and Microwave Popper! I love popcorn but those microwavable bags are so bad for you, they are filled with chemicals and they are also really bad for the environment. Popzup’s was super easy to make a so good, I melted some butter on top of mine and I used the Popzup’s Vermont Maple Popcorn Seasoning that was included in the box.


There are so many subscription boxes or gift box options out there now a days it can be hard to distinguish between all of them. But I was really impressed with New England Finest. Not only was everything in my box amazing but they are supporting local businesses and family’s at Boston Children’s Hospital. If you are looking to buy a fun subscription box or looking to get a gift box for someone special in your life I highly recommend checking out New England Finest!


New England Finest gifted me a box in exchange for this post but as always all opinions are my own.