Hydrangeas + Stripes

Spring has come! But not really because I live in Boston. However I am not going to let the cold and snow stop me from breaking out some of my spring pieces. I love this navy and white striped sweater, the thick rugby stripes are so classic! Its hard to get excited about spring and summer when it is constantly snowing but these gorgeous hydrangeas remind me that the end is in sight! Soon I will be pulling out my sundresses, but for now I will enjoy the days when I can wear a light sweater, ankle pants, and sperrys. B3E62A71-81DC-41F1-9018-A00100E4087E04646C00-BA68-4226-8002-734341AC70F2AFB11BCE-28C4-43EF-BE0F-C04C9E9C7C5288B21812-CC9D-474B-8792-CA7C63604121F5A4E6FE-4CD7-4844-92A9-2DAAD8D4C054297F1919-EEAC-4366-AEFC-005C7E9DF7E6D923DEF5-30F4-419F-BA16-C5DCD1F613915B4D3E54-5DA9-4297-B731-E2D084B9A90115EEA3B8-FAEB-4362-9F22-CAD050044FC7

This sweater was a real find at Nordstrom Rack for $9.000!!

Already planning all the fun things I am going to do this summer, there is going to be lots of exciting new content. Let me know in the comments what you want to see more of! Do you want video content, more outfit posts, more restaurant reviews? Let me know!


Florida Sunshine

Well they call it the Sunshine state for a reason. Last week I escaped the Nor’easter and headed down to Florida. Stay tuned I’ll be doing another post all about my time at Disney and Universal, I had never been before!

It was so nice to get away from the cold and enjoy some warm weather. I got to lay by the pool, relax, and even get a little sunburnt. I am in love with this gingham cover up dress from vineyard vines! It is so preppy and perfect to wear on your way to the pool or beach. I’ll be wearing this a lot this summer, now I just need to wait two months for the sunshine to come to Massachusetts!

I am wearing my classic Jack Rogers, a sun hat from Nordstrom and my sunglasses are by Diff Eyewear.

I received this dress as a gift from vineyard vines but as always all opinions are my own.


Frozen in New England

If you’ve been following for a while I’m sure you have figured out I am obsessed with New England! New England is great at a lot of things: making clam chowder, winning sports teams, leaders in education and healthcare. But the one thing that I think New England is best at is producing great people. People who grow up here are special, you survive the long cold winter and you learn to really appreciate the nice summer weather when it comes. New England is known for the seasons and I think the seasons build character. This weekend I got to meet someone very special and Very New England Anna Thurber.

Anna is an extremely talented artist located in Weston. I went to visit her studio and learn all about the amazing things she is doing. Anna freezes flowers and then photographs the results creating breathtaking pieces of art. Anna told me that she was inspired by the frozen puddles she sees on her daily walks with her dog. If you love the New England seasons you will love Anna’s work. During winter the snow and ice kill all the flowers. Anna’s work uses the very same elements that kill the flowers (ice) to turn these flowers into something beautiful.

The photos she produces from these ice blocks are incredible! Many of them look like they could be paintings but it’s actually a photograph of frozen flowers. It’s so unique and cool, getting to watch Anna unveil these works was incredible. She told me each one can take between 4 days and 2 weeks. It’s a labor of love though, the passion Anna pours into her art is evident all over her house, from the 4 pots of boiling water on her stove waiting to be frozen to the broke TV she turned into an abstract masterpiece.

Thank you so much for sharing you passion with me Anna! Her website will be finished soon so everyone can purchase these incredible photographs, if you want to do something special with flowers from an event like a shower or a wedding you can contact Anna to find out how she can turn them into works of art. Check out some of her finished products on her Instagram.

I was compensated for this post but as always all opinions are my own.


Brunch for Dinner- Del Frisco’s Grille

This week I had the opportunity to preview the new Del Frisco’s Grille opening on University Ave in Westwood. I love the Del Frisco’s Grille in Burlington and the Del Frisco’s Steak House in Boston so I was super excited to go try some of the latest menu items in Westwood. We got to hear about all the dishes from Chef Shawn Quinn, trust me the food was as delicious as it looks! We got to try a variety from the new brunch menu, brunch for dinner is fantastic and we should all start doing brunch on Friday nights!

We started with Nonna’s Cinnamon Rolls, these were fresh out of the oven and covered in Bourbon-espresso caramel sauce and toasted pecans. The caramel sauce is made in house and it is to die for! This was hands down my favorite dish of the night, I will literally be dreaming of the cinnamon rolls. 28C69127-2095-40E7-B5F2-3F82F470B279

Along with Nonna’s Cinnamon Rolls we had a smoked Salmon Tower and Bloody Marys! Next up was the Greens and Grains Bowl, filled with Quinoa, Charred Broccoli, Baby Spinach, Edamame, Beets, Avocado, Dried Cranberries, Roasted Almonds, a Poached cage-free egg, and sweet basil dressing. It sounds healthy and normally I would shy away from a salad-ish dish at brunch but this bowl was so flavorful, everything came together perfectly!


Served with the Greens and Grains Bowl was the Honeymoon in Paris cocktail. Definitely my favorite cocktail of the night! AE57D99A-4B4B-419D-A456-9017BBA04F34 Brunch for Dinner continued with Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Crack Coffee! Chef Shawn was super excited about these pancakes and I immediately understood why, they are amazing! Served with fresh berries and blueberry-maple syrup. BFA3A86E-9330-46F5-A578-3CF3CB231292157FEC63-8CC3-4E73-8F67-97AB33A68791If you’re more of a savory brunch person than a sweet brunch person the next two dishes are right up your alley. Eggs in Purgatory, and Braised Shot Rib Hash. I tend to go for savoy dishes over sweet dishes at brunch, if I was having brunch here for the first time I would probably go for the Eggs in Purgatory. Poached cage-free eggs, roasted tomato pepper sauce, avocado flatbread, baby arugula, feta, and lemon vinaigrette. Whats not to love? The Short Rib Hash had two sunny side up eggs served on top with a Bordelaise sauce.66274CCF-B2C5-4D41-9C6C-CC5754BC382262B49828-E184-4544-A0BB-F08E1AAA2D15

To finish out we had Pan-Seared Scallops with baby zucchini and Filet Mignon with charred honey tahini broccoli. I am normally not a steak person but the Filet was cooked to perfection. And lets be real if you’re going to Del Frisco’s you should get a steak. The honey tahini broccoli was so good! We tried a Chianti and a Cabernet, I definitely preferred the Chianti.A80EF62A-0E83-4E30-8ECA-2162C3C994F58765DFF8-72B9-4194-976E-EDF6C582E08DB8429F62-EB34-45DE-996C-C9A89E040217

Thank you so much to the Del Frisco’s team for having me and my friend Jen in for dinner. I encourage everyone to go try the new Del Frisco’s Grille in Westwood, just a short walk from the commuter rail. Congratulations to Chef Shawn and the whole Del Frisco’s team, you all have put together an incredible menu.


Be sure to follow Del Frisco’s on Instagram: @dfgrille


Spring Favorites- vineyard vines

Vineyard Vines has been one of my favorite brands for a while! They do a great job of putting a fresh look on preppy classics. This year there are tons of gingham pieces and I’m super excited about them, one of my favorites is this adorable gingham blouse!

My jeans are also vineyard vines and I am wearing a pair of Jack Rogers. I’ve always liked vineyard vines jeans, they are just stretchy enough that they’re comfortable but not so much that they don’t fit right after a couple weeks. I just wish they would make their jeans in a short length, my 5’2″ legs need a little help!

My earring are from this super cute shop Nantucket Whaler, go by and say hi to Susan next time your on the island! Vineyard Vines is currently running their 25% Friends and Family, so definitely check that out and pick up some new spring pieces. I will be packing up and going to Florida next week with tons of VV in my suitcase. I am so excited to be going to Disney with my family, I have never been before so send me your tips! We always grew up going down the Cape for vacations, so it has taken 23 years but I’m going to Disney!!


Thank you so much to vineyard vines for sending me this outfit for my trip! As always all opinions are my own.