Can I Get and Encore?

I have been coming to the Cape since I was less than a year old, I am somewhat set in my ways here. I like to go to the same beaches every year, I have my two favorite breakfast places, and there are restaurants that are a must go year after year. The other day… Continue reading Can I Get and Encore?


Blowing into Chatham

The other day in was just insanely windy! There was no way I was headed to the beach to get whipped by sand all day, the beach is my happy place and I'm not trying to put myself in a situation where I'm going to hate the beach! So I hopped in the car and… Continue reading Blowing into Chatham


Truro Vineyard and South Hollow Spirits

While I definitely could spend every single day at the beach I can admit that sometimes it is fun to mix it up and go do something different. Even going down the cape all my life I still find something new to do every summer, a new restaurant a new beach, or in this case… Continue reading Truro Vineyard and South Hollow Spirits


North of Boston

I would start a blog called 'Katie from Boston' during the spring, considering I spend most of the summer away from the city it is not very Boston centric right now is it? I promise come fall my blog will be so Boston that New Yorker's will hate it. But for now it is summer… Continue reading North of Boston