Why Memorial Day Weekend is the best

Let us start by stating the obvious, Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff to summer. Growing up in New England "Spring" is a flexible season but Memorial Day marks the start of beach season which puts a smile on everyone's face. But Memorial Day is good for more than just check point on a calendar.… Continue reading Why Memorial Day Weekend is the best


Weekend in Newport

I spent this past weekend in Newport Rhode Island. I love Newport it is one of my favorite places in New England for a quick weekend escape. There is so much to do and every time I am there I feel like it is a completely new experience. This weekend was no exception! I went… Continue reading Weekend in Newport


It’s almost the weekend!

This weekend I'll be heading down to Newport, Rhodes Island! If you've never been you have to go, when you think of the perfect picturesque New England town you probably are picturing Newport, you just don't know it! Last time I was in Newport I took advantage of the historic sight seeing and I checked… Continue reading It’s almost the weekend!