Back to Basics

During the cold winter months I can be a major homebody. I don’t want to go out and I certainly don’t want to get dressed up. Really if I could sit at home in sweat pants and hibernate like a bear I would.

Finding cute winter outfits has always been a challenge. So it was time to get back to basics. You can never go wrong with a little black and white and a good pair of leather boots.Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

My black pants are from HM, I never really shop there anymore because their sizing is so off! But everyone should have a good pair of black pants, I like these ones from J.Crew or these ones from Banana Republic. I tossed on a simple long sleeve black T-shirt I got at Primark, my go to place for basics. To add a little dimension to the look I added this vineyard vines open waterfall sweater, it added just enough to make the outfit fun. Mine is from last year, but they just put out this new sweater that I am obsessed with! I tossed on my favorite pair of Tory Burch boots and I was good to go!

I accessorize with my new Crab & Cleek tote and a fun pair of Primark earrings. This outfit is super simple and easy to pull together even when it’s cold, snowing and all around gross out! What is your go to outfit in the winter?

Photo Credit goes to the fabulous Nishat! Check her out on Instagram and Youtube!

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Canada Goose – Is it worth it?

I remember in middle school the New England winter uniform was UGG boots, jeans, and a North Face jacket. Today that uniform has shifted to Bean Boots, black leggings, and a Canada Goose parka. It begs the question is this high priced coat really worth it or is it just the latest must have item that has been sold to us leaving us caving to peer pressure?

My answer: a little bit of both.

I grew up in Boston and I am no wimp when it comes to the bitter cold. But the past couple winters have been particularly bad! Even last winter where it started off so mild transitioned into the negatives by the end of January. I have owned hundreds of coats in my life, light weight, puffers, ski jackets etc. I mulled over a Canada Goose all last winter. Everyone was starting to get them and everyone said it was worth the price tag. Well add my name to the list because it is definitely the warmest coat I have ever owned!

That being said a goose feather down parka at the end of the day is going to be more or less the same regardless of the brand. Canada Goose is the brand of the season. They recently opened a store at the Prudential Center and there are days when people are lined up outside waiting to get in! But what I think makes the Canada Goose different from other goose feather parkas is the design. I have the Trillium Parka I love that it comes down and hits right above my knee. The hood, the pockets, the ability to cinch the waist. It is a very well designed and high quality coat. I remember when I was 20 I finally came to the conclusion that quality mattered over quantity. I moved away from stores like Forever 21 and places like J. Crew and Ann Taylor became my go to’s. I would much rather shell out a little extra money for something that will last me years than save a few bucks and have to replace that item next season.

I intend to have my Canada Goose parka for the next several winters. If I lived in a warmer place or somewhere with a short winter I wouldn’t spend the money. But Boston winters are brutal and can last until early April. It was an investment and I do not regret it for a second!

Shop my coat here.

My head band was made for me by my friend Kate check her out on Instagram!

A note on fur: some people do have moral objections to the use of fur and I completely respect that view. I have personally never had an issue with the use of animal fur. There are plenty of coats out there that do not use animal fur that are equally warm.