Sailor Sailor in Gingham

I plan to live in gingham this summer! I am in love with this adorable dress from Sailor Sailor. The fun bell sleeves are so preppy and the gingham is a classic. The dress is super comfortable, the material is perfect for those hot summer days, now we just need to wait for it to… Continue reading Sailor Sailor in Gingham

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Ready for Nantucket

I feel like a broken record, but is it summer yet? I can't wait for weekends on Nantucket this summer, I'm all ready with this fabulous clutch from Perch, and my bright pants. I love spending summers by the ocean. I grew up going to the Cape with my family and the past couple summers… Continue reading Ready for Nantucket

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Stripes in the Seaport

Wow its been a crazy week! Busy with work and prepping for graduation. Its getting super real y'all!I am desperate for it to start feeling like spring, some days have given us a little nice weather but other days have been freezing and big surprise it might snow this weekend. Trying to dress for this… Continue reading Stripes in the Seaport


Hydrangeas + Stripes

Spring has come! But not really because I live in Boston. However I am not going to let the cold and snow stop me from breaking out some of my spring pieces. I love this navy and white striped sweater, the thick rugby stripes are so classic! Its hard to get excited about spring and… Continue reading Hydrangeas + Stripes