Holiday Pick Me Up

This week to kick off the holiday season I visited GLOW Salon in Watertown to try their brand new Red Light Therapy service. They are one of the only places around that offer a full body RLT service. I had never tried RLT and was super excited to check it out. RLT is a proven collagen stimulator and can help with acne, fine lines, cellulite, and overall healing of the skin. It also helps with muscle recovery, so if your planning to go hard at the gym this week to burn off all that turkey make yourself an appointment! When I got the the salon I was greeted by GLOW owner Jenna, she was super informative and friendly. The Red Light Therapy machine is super easy to use but Jenna took me through the whole thing to make sure I was comfortable operating it. The service is only 12 minutes so it’s the perfect little pick me up. The coolest part in my opinion was the vibrating plate you stood on. It has 4 different levels and the vibration actually burns calories! I only went up to level 2 but will definitely go higher next time. It felt warm and refreshing which is perfect as we head into the colder months! GLOW also offers a range of other services that I definitely would recommend checking out, the holidays can be stressful so I’m a big fan of self care this time of year!

Thank you so much to GLOW for having me, be sure to follow them on Instagram!