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Spring Break Packing Guide

Once again we are bracing for snow in Boston (big surprise I know), I am honestly so sick of talking about the weather but I feel like 80% of the crap that comes out of my mouth is about the weather. Next week is Spring Break and I am heading down to Florida with my family. I am so excited to get my summer tan started and break out my sandals! I am so excited to get to wear fun spring clothes, I hope you all are planning to go somewhere warm for spring break!

1. Bikini


I have been in love with the J.Crew swim line this year! None of the stores near me carry the swimwear so I had to order online which I normally don’t like doing for swimwear. Plan ahead and order with enough time to return or exchange. This gingham swimsuit is so fun and preppy. I also ordered the Nantucket tie-shoulder bikini.

2. Sunglasses


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 11.05.01 PM

One of my favorite pairs of sunglasses is from J.Crew, I bought them 3 years ago and they have outlasted two pairs of Ray-bans! J.Crew sunglasses can be a little pricey but they are really such great quality, and if you can get them on sale (which they go on frequently) they can be pretty affordable. Also check out J.Crew Factory sunglasses, there are never as many options as J.Crew but they are much less expensive.

3. Jack Rogers Sandals

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.59.08 PM

Jack Rogers have been a go to over mine for years! Normally I stick to the traditional Jacks but last year they came out with the Lauren sandal and I love it! I own a lot of blue, and I love the color and texture of these ones.

4. Gingham Top


I’m just going to tell you right now I will be wearing all gingham everything from now until Labor Day! This vineyard vines top is perfect for early spring in Boston but light enough that you can bring it to Florida with you.

5. Seersucker Dress


Seersucker and a bow, can it get any preppier? Probably yes, I’ve seen some pretty obnoxiously preppy things over the years. But this dress hits a sweet-spot, its perfect for vacation but can also work in the office this summer. Vineyard Vines had a lot of great dresses in their spring line this year.


Are you traveling at all for spring break? What’s on your packing list?



Packing for Cambodia

As 2017 comes to an end I am running around getting ready for my first trip of 2018. On January 2nd I leave for two weeks in Cambodia! I have never been to Asia before and I’m really excited but also anxious.

It’s a long flight and a long trip so I have been trying to get everything together the past two days. I love traveling but sometimes I get really stressed out right before a trip. So here is a check list of things I always go through when preparing to travel!

-I have my passport and have left a copy of my passport with my parents.

-I have all necessary travel visas

-Spoke with my doctor and have gotten all necessary shots and medicines

-I have all the hotel information

-I know ahead of time how I am getting from the airport to the hotel and back

-I always make a day to day itinerary so I can plan outfits

-I check the weather so I can be prepared for rain/snow/humidity etc.

-I have done my research about the place I am traveling

This may be a pretty boring list of things to do but they are important. I always write down everything I need to do before I leave and one by one check everything off my list. If you’re not a ‘list maker’ it is still a good tool for traveling. I am a major planner/list maker. I love to be organized but at the end of the day no matter how organized you are, not matter how well you have planned, sometimes things go wrong. A certain amount of flexibility is required when traveling.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places. I have had some crazy things go awry. But I’ve always return in one pieces. Plan, don’t plan, make super organized lists, don’t write anything down, however you choose to travel (though I highly recommend the former) just enjoy it! Traveling is an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets all the time!