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What you should watch this Earth Day!

I love documentaries and there are so many great ones out there about the environment and ways to be more sustainable. It’s Earth Day, a day to remind us all that climate change is real, it is caused by humans, and it is up to us to change our behaviors before total catastrophe. A little heavy for Monday?


But tonight when you get home from work and you’re sitting down to decide what to watch you should choose one of these amazing documentaries, here are a few of my favorites.

1. A Plastic Ocean

From island shores, the ocean floor, to instead animals. Plastic is plaguing it oceans. This documentary takes a deep look at how the plastic build up is harming people, animals, and the overall health of our environment. Hopefully this documentary will inspire you to actually use that reusable water bottle in your kitchen, bring a reusable mug to the coffee shop in the morning, and stop buying single use plastic.

2. Chasing Coral

I love this one! See the beauty that is our deep ocean and learn how global warming is threatening the coral reefs. If you’ve never heard the term coral bleaching then you have to watch this one, it will break your heart! After watching this documentary you should look into your cities carbon neutral goals, or lack their of, and get involved! Write to your local representatives and ask them what they are doing to reduce carbon emissions in your home!

3. The True Cost

This is one of the first documentaries that really inspired me to make a change. Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters on earth. Not only so many fast fashion brands pollute water and the air, they participate in dangerous and in humane labor practices. Think before you shop!

4. Our Planet

A Netflix 8 part series that covers our jungles, coral reefs, frozen tundras, and all the other ecosystems that make up our planet. I’ve been watching this one and it is gut wrenching to see the destruction we as a human race have caused. I wouldn’t recommend binging this one, it is a lot to take in.

Happy Earth Day everyone, let me know in the comments what you’ve don’t recently to love more sustainably!


What I’m Watching

Happy 2019!! Post holiday I tend to be a bit of a homebody. January is bitter cold in Boston, so far no snow but still very gray and dreary. In other words it’s the perfect time to binge a new TV show! Between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime I always have something new to watch.

1.The Mindy Project

I know I’m a little late to the party but The Mindy Project on Hulu is hilarious! A young woman in New York struggles through life may be a classic story line but The Mindy Project manages to make it fresh and will keep you laughing the entire time. A solid 6 seasons lets you spread it out a bit.

2. Lucifer

Ever wonder what would happen if the Devil came to Earth? Throw a raging party every night and team up with the LA police to catch criminals, duh! Lucifer is a drama but with a lot of comic relief, Tom Ellis plays the lead Lucifer Morningstar. It originally aired on Fox for its first 3 seasons and Netflix has picked it up and is currently filming season 4, which is expected out sometime in 2019. So if you fall in love there is more coming soon!

3. Dumplin’

I raved about this movie on my story one night after I watched it. Staring Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald, it is such a heart warming story. As a former pageant girl I am normally super disappointed by movies and TV shows that involve pageants. They normally play to all the cheap stereotypes, but by the end of Dumplin’ I couldn’t stop smiling! Netflix originals have been very hit or miss for me lately and this one was a hit!

4. The True Cost

For all my sustainability warriors out there! The True Cost examines the environmental impact of “fast fashion”. This documentary was really eye opening for me, if you want to learn more about how the clothes you wear have a ripple effect this is a must watch! The waste, out of control consumerism, and horrible labor practices found at many fast fashion brands will definitely have you re-thinking where you shop. Start 2019 by making a small change for a better world.

5. Below Deck

I really don’t like many reality TV shows, but this one is a must watch! It currently airs on Bravo but I end up watching it via Amazon every week. I would recommend watching all the seasons, they are available for purchase on Amazon! I personally like the original better than the Mediterranean seasons, but they’re all great! See what it’s like to vacation on a super yacht and all the juicy drama among the crew.


Tell me what you’re currently binging! I am always looking for new shows, I just finished The Mindy Project and definitely need a new comedy!