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Beach, Pick that Up

Brant Point is one of my favorite spots on Nantucket, the second you see it on the ferry coming in you know you’ve arrived! When I was on Nantucket last weekend for Daffy, Brant Point was decorated for the occasion with a giant Daffodil wreath. It was my first “beach trip” of the year and a great time to remind everyone about the importance of keeping our beaches clean. So here are my top 3 tips on how you can do your part! IMG_6290

1. Leave nothing behind

Always take your trash with you, straws, plastic bags, soda cans, beer bottles, all these things can cause harm is they end up in our oceans. Bring a bag with you can take everything home and properly dispose or recycle it. Bonus tip, opt for packing everything in a reusable tote instead of using a plastic bag that could potentially blow away and end up in the ocean.

2. Pick up 3 pieces of trash

Before you leave the beach, whether you were there all day or just stopped by to put your feet in the water, take 5 minutes to walk around and pick up at least 3 pieces of trash.

3. Smoking is bad for you and the beach!

Don’t smoke on the beach. For starters you’re not aloud to smoke on public beaches, you are exposing others to second hand smoke, and the cigarette butts left behind are a huge source of pollution. All that poison that you choose to put in your lungs is your business but when it ends up in the ocean, impacting animals, plants, and ecosystems thats everyone’s business. Don’t vape either, just cause its gross and no one wants to smell that or see a big cloud of vape every few minutes when they’re trying to enjoy the beach.

Going to the beach is one of my favorite summer activities and what we do on shore has major effects on what happens under the sea. Be responsible this summer and do your part to save our oceans! Please share these tips with others and post about your sustainability efforts on social media to spread the word.


Please share how you’re doing your part with me in Instagram @katiefromboston!


ACK Daffy

This past weekend was Daffy Fest on Nantucket it was definitely one for the books! We had so much fun checking out all the antique cars, shopping, and hanging out at Cisco Brewers. Nantucket is one of my favorite places to visit, there is something so special about the island. We ended up having fantastic weather and I was able to walk around in just a sweatshirt for most the day, but it is Spring in New England so you should always bring a few layers with you. IMG_6167IMG_5996IMG_6141IMG_6191IMG_6190IMG_6030IMG_6177

If you can’t make it over on Friday night I would try and take the earliest ferry over. The 8:00AM will get you to the island just in time to watch the vintage cars line up for the parade. It really is a sight to see from vintage Land Rovers and Jeeps to Ferraris all decked out with Daffodils! People pack over the top picnics and everyone heads out to Sconset for a huge tailgate. There is also a dog parade, a hat parade, and a parade for all the little ones, Main St is the place to be Saturday morning of Daffy weekend! As if the weekend wasn’t perfect enough I even made a new friend Hudson, an 8 week old black lab puppy. Isn’t he adorable?IMG_6014IMG_6016IMG_6209 Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Have you ever been to Daffy? What is your favorite part?


Whimsy notes from Nantucket

My mother always taught me to write a thank you note. A text is nice, a phone call is better, but a hand written thank you note is the truest way to show gratitude. It is quickly becoming a lost art in todays fast paced world, who actually gets snail mail anymore? The only things I have to look forward to in my mail are bills and jury summons; so I am always very happy to receive a sweet note.fullsizeoutput_2575


Throughout college I have tried to make a habit of writing thank you notes. I wrote them whenever I had an interview, to my boss after completing an internship, and to anyone who took the time to meet with me for networking. Thank you notes are not just for presents your grandma sent you. People value there time and when they give you it for free a thank you note is the least you can do. Clearly I love a good thank you note and I love writing them on adorable stationary.fullsizeoutput_2576

Currently I am using Sara Fitz hydrangea notes for all my stationary needs! I love the whimsy, colorful designs Sara Fitz offers. In addition to note cards they also make wrapping paper and a variety of homeware. All of the designs are classic, colorful, and capture the New England spirit perfectly. Sara and her husband Miles met on Nantucket almost 15 years ago and in 2016 launched Sara Fitz, the lifestyle brand all New Englanders have been dying for!

Looking at the hydrangea note cards sitting on my desk I am transported back to summers on Cape Cod with my grandparents. Sending a hand written note is the perfect way to show someone you care, and I love sending it on a note card that is representative of who I am. I love New England, who I am has been greatly shaped by where I grew up. Sara Fitz designs tie together a mosaic of New England and I am in love! Be sure to follow Sara Fitz on Instagram, it will definitely brighten up your day.


Sara Fitz gifted me the hydrangea note cards in exchange for this post, as always all opinions are my own.

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Ready for Nantucket

I feel like a broken record, but is it summer yet? I can’t wait for weekends on Nantucket this summer, I’m all ready with this fabulous clutch from Perch, and my bright pants. I love spending summers by the ocean. I grew up going to the Cape with my family and the past couple summers have fallen in love with Nantucket! Hoping to get a few weeks down there this summer!


My pants are super old from vineyard vines, and I got my blazer from vineyard vines last fall! I love how classic and New England this outfit is. Everyone needs a navy blazer in their closet, end of story!

As I get ready to graduate I am not sure how much time I’ll have by the ocean this summer, all part of growing up and getting a job! Terrifying I know, but only a few more weeks of school and then its time for the real world. Hope my fellow seniors are enjoying the last few weeks of college and making plans for the future! As scary as it can be I am very excited for this next chapter, stay tuned for a blog post all about my post graduation plans! In the mean time I’ll keep dreaming of Nantucket.

What’s your favorite place to go in the summer?

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The Nantucket Stroll

This weekend was the Nantucket Stroll. It is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. If you’ve never been I definitely encourage you to go! Here are some tips to make your trip as enjoyable as possible!

1. Book your ferry tickets early

We took the Hy-line ferry, the fast ferry will get you there in 55 minutes. You can also take the Steamship authority, a little over 2hrs. If you’re only going for the day I would take the fast ferry so you don’t waste anytime. Book your tickets ahead of time. We booked 5 week in advanced and the later ferries home were sold out. I would book two months ahead. Try and get an early ferry over and take one of the last ferries back so you can maximize your time on island.

2. Make a reservation

Nantucket is mobbed this weekend. If there is somewhere you really want to do lunch or dinner make a reservation! There are some places that are first come first serve and don’t do reservations. But do your research if there is somewhere you want to eat find out what their policy is. And double check that they are open! Some places are already closed for the season by the time the Stroll comes around.

3. Know where Santa arrives

Straight Wharf! Honestly just follow the hoards of people. Decide if you want to see him arrive on his boat, if so get to the dock and stake out your spot a little early. If you want to see him in the parade get a good spot on main st. And remember there are lots of children, and they are so excited that Santa makes a special stop on Nantucket just for them!

4. Wear something festive

There is no such thing as ‘over the top’ at the Stroll. Whatever crazy holiday outfit you put together your will fit right in! I wore black watch pants with a red sweater and a red coat and I felt like I wasn’t festive enough!

5. Go to the Whaling Museum

The festival of trees is 100% worth it. People are so creative and I was amazed by some of the trees this year. Aside from all the Christmas trees the museum itself is really cool and you can learn a lot about Nantucket’s rich history.

6. Enjoy!

I love the Stroll because everyone is so cheerful and festive. In the city people are so busy and cranky that you don’t always feel the holiday spirit. This is not the case on Nantucket, everyone is friendly and excited to be there, have a drink make some friends and enjoy! Happy Stroll!