Sustainable Living

Sustainable Bathroom Hacks

Trying to live more sustainably can be intimidating. Where do you start? I think one of the easiest swaps to make can be in your bathroom! The best thing is that you can stagger the swaps, as you run out of your current products replace them with a more sustainable option. This way your not dropping a ton of money all at once and can slowly transition to a sustainable bathroom!

1. Shampoo Bars

Recently I have been using Lush Naked shampoo! They have tons of different scents and shampoos for different hair types. Naked products just means that it doesn’t come in a bottle. I have long hair and used to go through probably 3 shampoo bottles every year. I know it seems small to eliminate three plastic bottles a year but if everyone made this change it would make a huge difference, next time you run out of shampoo opt for a bar instead of a bottle. Just work the bar up to a lather then run it through your hair! I love this scent from Lush, but you can find shampoo bars and conditioner bars at tons of places.

2. Bamboo Tooth Brush

Every year over a billion plastic tooth brushes end up in landfills in North America alone! I go through a lot of tooth brushes, every time I travel I forget my tooth brush and end up buying a new one. Anytime you get sick, especially with something like strep throat or the flu, you should get a new tooth brush. Its no wonder so many tooth brushes end up in landfills and the remain there indefinitely because they take hundreds of years to decompose. Getting a bamboo tooth brush is such an easy swap. I ordered this 4 Pack off amazon so I can have back ups for when I inevitably loose one at a hotel!

3. Tampons, Pads, and Condoms

I could do an entire post just on this one. Not only are most feminine care products and sexual health products terrible for the environment, most of them are really bad for you! Think about it, you are putting these items inside of you but most products are made from synthetic products filled with harmful chemicals. Do you really want to put that in one of the most absorbent parts of your body? Sustain Natural is a female owned company that create sustainable tampons, pads, condoms, and more! These products are better for you and the earth, and SUPER BONUS they give 10% of their profits to women’s healthcare organizations. I made the switch to Sustain Natural tampons and am really happy with them.

The bathroom is one of the easier rooms to make more sustainable, we use so many different products and it can really add up if you don’t pay attention. Making a few swaps can cut down on the amount of waste you create every year significantly. These are the three swaps I have made recently, have you made any sustainable swaps recently?


Thrive Juice Cafe

Eat better, feel better! If you’re looking to eat better but don’t want to compromise on taste you should check out Thrive Juice Cafe in Arlington. I have personally always struggle with the desire to eat healthy, if you know me you may know that I’m not exactly a gourmet chef (I make a really good grilled cheese though!) I eat out a lot, and it an be hard to find healthy inexpensive options. Thrive Cafe is the perfect solution! It has been so hot out lately and nothing makes me feel better in the heat than a smoothie, I got the Tropical Splash smoothie when I was at Thrive last weekend. Its made with Mango, Banana, Pineapple, and Almond Milk. They have a variety of juices and smoothies for whatever you are in the mood for. 17719F40-1F5E-4F2F-B01D-C7054CC124A43A138DEA-6400-4F13-B951-D0D39B436F81FE19E5DF-7273-45B3-8B1F-B34570211CD6D745D530-177C-4A1F-A768-F450A48163E814980829-F613-41C4-9D42-334DE067610AD69718D1-B9A1-4025-A1C8-5B7D596852D9

To eat I got the Spicy Avocado Toast, and a Mediterranean Salad and my friend got the Loaded PB &J toast. Both were amazing! I will  definitely be back for more spicy avocado toast. Thrive is the perfect spot to grab breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack while you’re out and about. If you are trying to eat better but don’t want to start dropping hundreds at whole foods I definitely reccommend making a stop at Thrive Cafe.


February Slump

As a blogger there is often a lot of pressure to constantly seem fun and interesting. Even if all you want to do is sit at home and watch Netflix you feel like you need to go out and you need to do something fun so you can post about it. Boston winters are long, cold, and really depressing. I love photographing a fresh snowfall but that’s one snapshot and it doesn’t capture how grey and dreary winter can be. By mid-February I start to feel really depressed, I feel fatigued and I lose motivation and inspiration.

The past week I have been dealing with some family things that have kept me offline. Taking a week off from posting taught me two things. First I genuinely enjoy blogging. I love  sharing posts, taking photos, going and trying new things! But the second thing I learned was it is okay to take a break. The world did not end because I did not post, I was able to step back, take a breath, and focus on my family. The next couple weeks are definitely going to be tough, there is still a lot going on and the weather looks really crappy but I am hoping to be back on a normal schedule again.

A few things I like to do when I am feeling a little crappy, whether it be family issues or the weather these tips can definitely help break you out of the February Slump! 5838DA87-2529-41F0-A409-82F2F6AA4CF6


I love curling up with a cup of tea! Whether you like tea or coffee or hot cocoa curling up with a warm cuppa something can sometimes be just the trick! Put on your fuzzing socks and spend the day relaxing inside.

2. Go For A Walk

I know its cold but fresh air truly is the best cure! So bundle up put on some layers and go for a walk. If there is a day where the sun peaks out get out there, just spending ten minutes outside can make you feel so much better.

3. A Good Book (or a Good Binge)

Read a new book, its cold you don’t want to go outside I get it! So find a good book and spend the day inside reading. If you can’t find a book find a show. Finding a great show on Netflix or Hulu that you can binge all day long is one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy Sunday.

4. Vitamin D is Key!

Seasonal Depression is very real and sometimes you need a little help! We get so little sunlight during the winter so it is very easy to become Vitamin D deficient. I take a daily vitamin D supplement, consult your doctor but I definitely think taking this daily supplement helps me through the winter.

5. Phone a Friend

Making plans with friends give us things to look forward to. I have a standing weekly date with my best friend Maddie. I also plan afterwork drinks with friends and co-workers. It gets expensive to go out too much so I try to restrict these night outs to 1 or 2 nights a week. But even just 1 night out with a friend can make you feel a whole lot better!

What tips and tricks do you have for getting through the winter? Let me know in the comments below!



Better Living – Meditation


I have friends whose whole lives revolve around wellness, fitness, nutrition etc. and for a while my whole life did too. When I was competing in pageants I worked with a trainer Katie Boyd. I learned how to eat right, how to work every little muscle in my body but the most important thing I learned from Katie was how to meditate.

I am not a wellness blogger! I rarely post about wellness and fitness because it’s not something I’m an expert on. But as I’ve taken inventory of my life recently I have realized how important meditation is. I mentioned in a few other posts that I have been having a lot of anxiety recently. When I sat down and tried to determine what was the cause I realized my anxiety got really bad when I stopped meditating. I didn’t really make a conscious choice to stop, life got busy, I had to write a paper, picked up extra hours at work, decided to go out instead etc etc.

There is a Buddhist proverb that says “if you don’t have time to mediate for 1 hour everyday then you should meditate for 2”. I love this because it is so true. My laptop broke last week and I was without one for 3 days. I literally cried, I was so tapped into my technology that being unplugged for 3 days was a nightmare. This is so unhealthy! We all get too plugged in sometimes, and I’ve talked about intentionally unplugging from time to time. But being forced to unplug, not on my terms, was unsettling and forced me to confront my technology addiction.

My solution? I am going to start meditating again. Meditation is a learned skill that requires consistent practice, it is not like riding a bike you can’t jump in and out of it. But I promise you anyone can learn to meditate! I will be starting with 15 minutes a day and working my way back up to an hour everyday. I like to meditate first thing in the morning, instinctively the first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my phone to see what I missed but I am really trying to change this habit. I was very fortunate to have someone teach me how to meditate. But there are plenty of online resources to help you. I have put some of my favorite resources and guided meditation below, please check them out and hopefully they help you as much as they have helped me.

The Chopra Center: Articles, guided meditations, classes etc

Louise Hay: Guided meditations and daily affirmations

The Book of Awakening: Link to buy it on amazon! This book was really helpful when I was learning to meditate

Katie Boyd ‘Miss Fit Club’: My trainer! I went to her to get in physical shape but she really changed my life by focusing on spirituality, mental health, and physical health! Check out her website and show her some love on Instagram!

Have you ever tried meditation? Do you find it helpful? What wellness goals are you setting? Let me know in the comments below!