End the Stigma

I’ve sat down to write this post countless times. I have deleted so many attempts out of my drafts folder. But it is time I talk about mental health. From Instagram it is easy to make my life look like it’s all cute outfits and rosé but that if far from the truth. Since I was a young teen I have struggled with mental illness specifically with depression and anxiety. To this day I still struggle. I have been very very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who always supported me and made sure I got the help that I needed.

That being said there were and are still some very very dark times. I would love to say that once you get treatment everything goes away but mental illness isn’t a cut or a bump, it doesn’t just heal and go away. It is chronic and can often last for years, and it has nothing to do with how much your family loves you, or how successful you are in your career.  Nearly 45,000 people committed suicide in the US last year. But there are thousands of chronic illnesses out there that people live with, talk about, and do not feel they need to take their own lives. I feel fortunate to have grown up in a generation willing to talk about mental illness but there is still a stigma out there that keep many people from seeking help. I have been scared to talk about my struggle with mental illness publicly because I was worried people at work or potential employers would treat me differently. I have been worried about being judged and mocked. But none of those feelings compare to the grief family and loved ones feel when someone they care about takes their own life. I have been in therapy, I have taken anti-depressives and anti-anxiety medication, I have tried yoga and meditation, I have suffered and cried and wanted to die. Some things have worked better than others, some worked for a little while and then stopped working. Early this year I remember crying to Mike after an anxiety attack, I told him “I just want to be normal.” With love and empathy he told me “it’s a chemical imbalance in you brain, I can’t count the number of people I know who have struggled with mental illness at one time or another. It is extremely common, so therefore you are normal.”

Mental illness is extremely common, society needs to stop treating it differently than any other illness. If you have ever felt alone because of your mental illness you are not. I am here. Thousands and thousands of other people have shared your struggle. Depression can make you feel all alone in the world and like there is no future for you. I have had those feelings, but things do get better. Treatment does work. There are people out there that love and care about you, and there are people out there waiting to help you.

I’m Katie, I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girl boss, a political junkie, a wine lover, and I struggle with mental illness.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


Strolling into November

Some people love Halloween, they love getting dressed up, eating candy, watching spooky movies. I’m just not one of those people, I like Halloween okay but it isn’t my favorite. October may be the prettiest month of the year but November is definitely my favorite. For starters my birthday is this month, I’m going to be 22. I remember when I was 16 and I decided that 22 was old enough and I would stop aging at 22. As old as middle schoolers make me feel I still feel so young. There are still so many things I want to accomplish in life and 22 is just the beginning. November also means it is time for Thanksgiving, time to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and stuffing! I am excited for the next month and I hope you are too.


Outfit Details: Cape-Nordstrom, Shoes-Nordstrom (old),  Leggings-J Crew , Sunglasses- J Crew (old), Necklace- KJP

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Golden October 

If you haven’t caught on by now fall is my favorite season! But one thing that I hate about fall is how short it is! I feel like September for the most part still feels like summer and by November the foliage is gone and apple picking season is over and the pumpkin you spent hours carving  has rotted!

October is the golden moment in the year when the world changes and everything is beautiful!


The View from Above

Something I love about living in the city is you can always find higher ground. Yeah sure you can go do the Skywalk at the Prudential Center but there are also a million other views out there. One of the things I always miss when summer is over is roof top bars. There are plenty to choose from some of my favorites include the Atlantic Beer Garden, trust me I get it its down in the seaport district and is a pain to get to, however being on the south side of the city does provide some pretty amazing views if you sit up on the deck! Some other standouts in the city, The Colonnade Hotel, it has a pool enough said. Legal Harbor side, the Roof top at the Revere Hotel and two of my other favorites. Rooftop bars are fun and the Skywalk observatory is a tourist trap but Boston’s best kept secret for amazing views is the Custom House Observation Deck. The old Custom House, now a Marriott Hotel will let you go up to the observation deck for $4.00 (cheaper than the Skywalk observatory) and the views are amazing! I went last summer and snapped a view shots!


I seem to have lost my photos from the other side which offers views of the skyscrapers that dominate the north end. If you have a free afternoon I highly recommend taking the trip!

Now that last view I have is newly discovered and unfortunately you won’t be able to come see if for yourself, but pictures are the next best thing right? The views from my new apartment honestly are a huge part of what made me settle on this place! You may not find the exact view but you can find views in Kenmore square! I personally am a sucker for a good picture of the Citgo sign all lit up at night. I hope you go outside last night and checked out the sunset, because it was amazing whether you were on a rooftop, walking home from work or just peaking out a window. Beauty always follows the storm, I try to keep things light here but this weekend our country experienced some pretty scary things, but I believe that good things must follow, we must make them happen. Be nice to someone hold the elevator, offer up your seat on the T, just smile more. Yesterday was rainy and stormy here in Boston but then we experienced a beautiful sunset. Always look for the beauty that follows the storm.



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Can I Get and Encore?

I have been coming to the Cape since I was less than a year old, I am somewhat set in my ways here. I like to go to the same beaches every year, I have my two favorite breakfast places, and there are restaurants that are a must go year after year. The other day I couldn’t decide where I wanted to eat so I hoped on Yelp just to scroll through all the nearby restaurants, right at the top of the app Yelp informed me that a new restaurant had just opened two weeks ago, Encore Bistro and Bar.

Now as someone who has worked in the restaurant business for a while I am always a little nervous to try places that JUST opened. It takes time to get a restaurant up and running to 100%. It takes time to train your waitstaff, your kitchen staff needs sometime to work out all the kinks that may arise with the food. But this place had 5 stars on Yelp and everyone said it was amazing, so why not give it a try?

Boy am I glad I did! From the moment we walked in the place oozed New England charm, simple blue and white walls, with subtle nautical decor and fresh sunflowers. At the end of the dinning room is a large accent wall made of drift wood, hand crafted by the owners Joanne and her son. Our waitress Hannah was friendly and very knowledgable about the menu she pointed out a few dishes that had been fairly popular since the opening. We decided to star with the truffle fries, I love truffle fries and always try them if they are on the menu and these ones were amazing! Hannah let us take our time but I never felt like we were sitting around waiting for her, she helped me make the decision between the duck and the lobster Alfredo. I went with the Lobster Alfredo and my mom had the Lobster Encore, when dinner came Hannah suggested a few wine pairing for us and was spot on! For desert my mom had the creme brulee and I had the gelato, we did a splitsy and both were to die for!

It was definitely the best meal I have had down here in a long time, the lobster was so fresh and cooked to perfection. If you are in the Dennis area I cannot recommend Encore enough, tucked away right over by the Dennis Play House it is the perfect spot for a nice dinner out. The owner was so gracious floating around the dinning room checking in on her patrons, you can make reservations until 6pm but if you want to go after that it is first come first serve but we didn’t have a problem and were sat right away. If there is a wait there is a bar and lounge area you can have a drink while waiting. Congrats to the Encore owners and staff, you guys blew me away, you ran like a well oiled machine, oh and did I mention the chef Tyler is only 23 fresh out of culinary school? Bravo! Can’t wait to come back!


Truffle Fries, we had as an appetizer
What was left of the truffle fries when I was done!
Lobster Alfredo
Lobster Encore




Creme Brulee