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Beach, Pick that Up

Brant Point is one of my favorite spots on Nantucket, the second you see it on the ferry coming in you know you’ve arrived! When I was on Nantucket last weekend for Daffy, Brant Point was decorated for the occasion with a giant Daffodil wreath. It was my first “beach trip” of the year and a great time to remind everyone about the importance of keeping our beaches clean. So here are my top 3 tips on how you can do your part! IMG_6290

1. Leave nothing behind

Always take your trash with you, straws, plastic bags, soda cans, beer bottles, all these things can cause harm is they end up in our oceans. Bring a bag with you can take everything home and properly dispose or recycle it. Bonus tip, opt for packing everything in a reusable tote instead of using a plastic bag that could potentially blow away and end up in the ocean.

2. Pick up 3 pieces of trash

Before you leave the beach, whether you were there all day or just stopped by to put your feet in the water, take 5 minutes to walk around and pick up at least 3 pieces of trash.

3. Smoking is bad for you and the beach!

Don’t smoke on the beach. For starters you’re not aloud to smoke on public beaches, you are exposing others to second hand smoke, and the cigarette butts left behind are a huge source of pollution. All that poison that you choose to put in your lungs is your business but when it ends up in the ocean, impacting animals, plants, and ecosystems thats everyone’s business. Don’t vape either, just cause its gross and no one wants to smell that or see a big cloud of vape every few minutes when they’re trying to enjoy the beach.

Going to the beach is one of my favorite summer activities and what we do on shore has major effects on what happens under the sea. Be responsible this summer and do your part to save our oceans! Please share these tips with others and post about your sustainability efforts on social media to spread the word.


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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Today’s blog post I am launching a new section of Katie From Boston, “Sustainable Living”.  I got my degree in Public Policy and 9-5 I work in professional politics. This blog has always been my creative outlet, it has been a place to talk about my favorite brands, best weekend trips etc.

But recently I have been struggling to keep my 9-5 out of this blog. The political discourse in the country is upsetting to say the least. I want to provide more value than just posting cute outfits. I want to talk about why I shop where I do, and why I steer clear of the brands I do. I want to raise the level of conversation surrounding fashion and lifestyle blogs. You shouldn’t just buy something because its cute (all though we have all been there). I for a long time have preached quality of quantity, today I want to talk about sustainability over fast fashion.

Lets look at some facts:

-Garment dying is the second largest source of water pollution in the world

-Textile recycling rates are extremely low

-The Average American generates 8 pounds of textile waste each year (that 11 million tons of textile waste from the US alone EVERY YEAR!)

People are consuming more clothes than every before. Today Town and Country published an article about Kate Middleton’s boots, that she has had for 10 years! This is shocking because no one keeps things for more than a season anymore it seems. Now Kate’s boots are $400+ but the point stands. There are brands out there that are producing quality, ethical, and sustainable textiles.

This is something I have been trying to be more conscious of over the past 9 months. Its not going to happen over night, I’m not saying you need to run out and buy a new wardrobe tomorrow. But lets start making better choices moving forward. When you go to buy something new, ask yourself if there is something in your closet that you can make work. Take your leather boots to the cobbler for repair instead of buying a new pair every fall. The market goes where consumers tell it to. This is just an introduction to this new section of Katie From Boston, stay tuned for guides to shopping sustainable, where to donate your old clothes, quick fixes and repairs, most sustainable hotels, and much much more! Lets raise the conversation in the fashion blogger community. And remember-

Repair – Recycling – Donate