Lunch at The Fireplace Room

Last weekend I was invited to have lunch at The Fireplace Room located at the International Golf Club and Resort in Bolton. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with some other local bloggers and the food was to die for! Thank you so much to Taste of Massachusetts for inviting me!

First of all I love the Bolton area, right down the street is Nashoba Valley Winery and all the gorgeous apple orchards I explore in the fall are right in the area. The Nashoba Valley region is so picturesque New England! When we arrived the bartender whipped up some cocktails. My favorite was the Blueberry Collins.

We moved on to wings and salads. The spicy harissa chicken wings were soooo good! We were served a variety of sandwiches, from a turkey club, a hot pastrami sandwich, and a portabello mushroom sandwich. Next came two pizzas, I loved the mushroom pizza with caramelized onions. Clearly I am on a mushroom kick right now!

Everything was so delicious but the best part was the fried ice cream we had at the end! I love trying new restaurants and getting to hang with fellow bloggers! So great seeing Joey of The Roaming Foodie and my good friend Jen of The Preppy Francophile.  It was great to meet The Italian Impasta, Three Hungry Chicks, Framingham Foodie, and  Natalie RW Photography. Thank you so much for bringing us all together Taste of Massachusetts! And big thank you to The Fireplace Room for hosting us, next time you are in the area be sure to stop in for an amazing lunch.


Jugos Supremo

Brunch is pretty much the highlight of my week. During the week I don’t eat breakfast, I grab a Chai Latte from Starbucks and I’m good until lunch. But on the weekends I have to eat when I wake up and nothing is better than a great brunch!8455BF9B-8B27-4C1E-8C49-FEC92B53B7DC

Last weekend my roommate Meg and I hit up Supremo in the Southend! If drunk brunch isn’t your scene Jugos Supremo is the place to be. On Sunday’s they have a special brunch menu with acai bowls, waffles, sandwiches, and breakfast bowls. Start your day off with a energy packed smoothie and a nutritious meal. Not only does this food look fantastic but it tastes amazing! I had the “Sexito Bowl” filled with two sunny side up eggs, avocado, roasted sweet potato, and black beans with cheese, it was so delicious! Meg had the Avocado toast (I know, I know us millennials and our avocado toast!) and we both had smoothies. The waffles smelled so good I almost wish that I had gotten the waffles instead of my bowl, but there is always next weekend! It was the perfect morning pick me up! Be sure to swing by and check them out this weekend.



Iceland Guide- Reykjavik

Okay bare with me, this is going to be a long one! When I planned my trip I was only expecting to get one day in Reykjavik but since our South Coast tour with Reykjavik Sightseeing was canceled due to weather we ended up getting two! And even though I was a little bummed about not getting to see the south coast I was really glad we got two days in Reykjavik!

There are tons of FREE things to do in the city. On day 1 we started with Hallgrimskirkju a gorgeous church! You can take the elevator to the top and get a breath taking view of the entire city! After that we strolled through the streets of Reykjavik, keep an eye out for all the murals sprinkled throughout the streets.D319E5D8-96C5-4A62-8533-06BE3A53D4D9FCDC9A5D-39F1-4102-BF2A-AA879F0541B7AB43904D-D15A-4D9B-A9E8-C5533028F1A2108DD72D-1257-427D-976F-36E870223812F4943A56-84F3-48ED-A1AF-EE4B233CA970C98F24A9-2DED-4390-AFB1-AC56D4BADCC3EDF3F5B9-BCC2-4249-BC27-4CD51C300223877FFC48-2591-440D-AEEB-404B71A39387

We stopped at a restaurant called The Sweet Pig for lunch. I had a reindeer burger and guys I kid you not it was THE BEST burger of my entire life. It was so good I dug into it before even taking a photo! It had Icelandic cheese, red onion jam, and horseradish mayo on top and it was amazing. And when in Iceland do like the Vikings and drink a Viking beer!76D35863-2631-4933-BFFA-25DB21624FE68E5C4F73-5285-4703-94EA-AB7EC478E1FE82DDE15D-E2BF-4963-A473-60F6C4C62B0C

After lunch we headed over to Harpa Music Hall. The building is stunning and has gorgeous views over the water. Head in and walk around! After you’re done in the Harpa walk a couple more blocks to the Sun Voyager, a really cool statue of a Viking ship! After that we made our way back to our hostel popping in and out of all the cute little shops.7C2194C0-2AA3-4140-93B7-409EDD56B596BFE2BAFE-ABD1-4B60-8567-6F8DE76448664A19F6FA-04CB-4C6A-B97D-A8B7E06E90B96CFF38FB-340D-40D8-AF0D-F4A47A5F5B63C94BADC4-0D15-4193-8CBD-68775EAB46002ABFBA05-C8BA-4DEF-B026-0CA7BB2B0E16

Day 2 started with a short walk to the Perlan Observatory. I didn’t think we would be able to make it there so I didn’t do to much research ahead of time but I was pleasantly surprised. When we arrived we purchased tickets for the ice caves. They are so cool and so worth it! Take the ten minute guided tour and learn a little bit about the glaciers! Next take the elevator up to the observation deck and check out the best view in the city! Reykjavik is so beautiful I feel a little redundant continually talking about the gorgeous views, but it’s the truth! Perlan has a restaurant on the top floor, we didn’t check it out but I can’t imagine having a better view for dinner.8AD972DE-2AF6-451B-AD34-ED7D1D8E061F323BE242-405B-4D7D-8566-25B9E3E34F55D677D683-5259-41DD-B58E-A255059F1EA4F5317071-6B5A-4FDC-997B-E0C2DABB5D793FC35162-7181-47CE-A5E5-8951A34F58562BA0F315-A219-4DBD-B2BA-A6073244A5477C53E766-BF72-4D48-B946-4E0F7218FC41

We took a cab from Perlan to Saegreifinn, which translates to the Sea Baron. It is a tiny hole in the wall place right by Harpa Music Hall. You have to go and you have to get the Lobster Soup! After that we strolled around down town doing a little more shopping and before heading back to the hotel we stopped and got hotdog at Baejarins Beztu Plysur “best dog in town”. You have to get it with everything on it! This is a world Famous Hotdog and probably the cheapest thing you will eat in Iceland.910B9D39-97FD-464B-B8EC-681BDEF80D7094F4C036-A0D3-4A47-B464-74FBAABD6041T5dLBD4xRiu6t27dTmLUOg674CF353-4669-49D0-95E8-5B2AC3202C76CF52ED36-6FFA-4524-B9FF-E81C5610764A

Iceland was an amazing experience! Thank you so much to Reykjavik Sightseeing and Grayline Iceland for making my trip possible!


Nashoba Valley Winery

I love wine! And I love going on wineries, New England wineries are so quaint and adorable not to mention the delicious wine. Last weekend I got the chance to visit Nashoba Valley Winery for the second time. They not only are on a charming property, they have fantastic wine, and their restaurant J’s is to die for.

Right now they have a Holiday Spiced Cranberry wine, it doesn’t get more New England than that! Nashoba Valley Winery is known for their fruit based wines, they make apple wines and strawberry wine, and blueberry wine. They are so good you have to go and try. A tasting cost $8 and a tour cost $12. I definitely recommend doing the tour before your tasting as they let you taste a few wines during the tour. Be sure to make a reservations at J’s before you go as they do fill up quickly. The food does not disappoint, and it is in the most charming stone house.

It is getting chilly now, but last weekend the sun was shining and the leaves were still putting on quite the show for us. Take some time to walk around the grounds and see everything this beautiful location has to offer. I can’t wait to go back, just 45 minutes from Boston this is a perfect day trip for you and your girlfriends!




Can I Get and Encore?

I have been coming to the Cape since I was less than a year old, I am somewhat set in my ways here. I like to go to the same beaches every year, I have my two favorite breakfast places, and there are restaurants that are a must go year after year. The other day I couldn’t decide where I wanted to eat so I hoped on Yelp just to scroll through all the nearby restaurants, right at the top of the app Yelp informed me that a new restaurant had just opened two weeks ago, Encore Bistro and Bar.

Now as someone who has worked in the restaurant business for a while I am always a little nervous to try places that JUST opened. It takes time to get a restaurant up and running to 100%. It takes time to train your waitstaff, your kitchen staff needs sometime to work out all the kinks that may arise with the food. But this place had 5 stars on Yelp and everyone said it was amazing, so why not give it a try?

Boy am I glad I did! From the moment we walked in the place oozed New England charm, simple blue and white walls, with subtle nautical decor and fresh sunflowers. At the end of the dinning room is a large accent wall made of drift wood, hand crafted by the owners Joanne and her son. Our waitress Hannah was friendly and very knowledgable about the menu she pointed out a few dishes that had been fairly popular since the opening. We decided to star with the truffle fries, I love truffle fries and always try them if they are on the menu and these ones were amazing! Hannah let us take our time but I never felt like we were sitting around waiting for her, she helped me make the decision between the duck and the lobster Alfredo. I went with the Lobster Alfredo and my mom had the Lobster Encore, when dinner came Hannah suggested a few wine pairing for us and was spot on! For desert my mom had the creme brulee and I had the gelato, we did a splitsy and both were to die for!

It was definitely the best meal I have had down here in a long time, the lobster was so fresh and cooked to perfection. If you are in the Dennis area I cannot recommend Encore enough, tucked away right over by the Dennis Play House it is the perfect spot for a nice dinner out. The owner was so gracious floating around the dinning room checking in on her patrons, you can make reservations until 6pm but if you want to go after that it is first come first serve but we didn’t have a problem and were sat right away. If there is a wait there is a bar and lounge area you can have a drink while waiting. Congrats to the Encore owners and staff, you guys blew me away, you ran like a well oiled machine, oh and did I mention the chef Tyler is only 23 fresh out of culinary school? Bravo! Can’t wait to come back!


Truffle Fries, we had as an appetizer
What was left of the truffle fries when I was done!
Lobster Alfredo
Lobster Encore




Creme Brulee