Kick off to Fall

So I know, I’m super basic! But it’s who I am and I love being basic! So this morning my roommates and I got up super early, left the city and drove all the way up to the New Hampshire boarder to visit Colby Farm. If you’re on Instagram I’m sure you have seen the pictures of people frolicking through sunflower fields, if you haven’t go take a look at their geotag it’s so magical! It is a fantasy! Peak bloom was last week but there were still plenty of sunflowers to ogle at. The sunflowers are not the only attraction there are pumpkins and plenty of goodies in the farm stand. All the place needs is some picnic tables so people can stay and enjoy the sunflowers for a little longer! I bought some banana bread and cider donuts before leaving and they were both delicious! If you can’t make it to Colby Farm this season for the sunflowers definitely put it on your list for next year!