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Here Comes the Sun

This week Boston got a little taste of spring. Yeah we also got snow but let’s focus on those two 70 degree days! I headed down to the water front with my friend Jenn and had lunch on the patio at Joe’s. Because yes we live in a world where some restaurants opened their patios in February. It was especially awesome leaving the house without a jacket! I wore this awesome top from Diane Gillman, it is a simple navy T-shirt but has really cute seersucker bell sleeves!

I love strolling along the waterfront in the North End. When I was little my dad’s office was in the same area overlooking the water. On the weekends he would bring us into the office with him, I loved sitting in the window looking out on all the boats! It’s still a little early and there aren’t many boats out there yet but summer is coming!


New England Layers

This week temps are rising above 40 in Boston, supposedly it will be 60 tomorrow! The first warm week tends to cause a little spring fever. Suddenly I am desperate to be outside and pull out all my spring clothes. But a couple of warm days will surely be followed by another cold spell, and a few more snow storms. Despite my wanting to dress for spring, winter is not quiet over, so I turn to the go-to New England style: layering!

A light button down and a sweater is perfect for an early spring/ late winter day. I love this gingham button down, and this vibrant blue sweater. With a little snow still on the ground I tossed on my Hunter boots, I grabbed a light pea coat and I was all set to go run errands.

What is your go to layering look?


February Slump

As a blogger there is often a lot of pressure to constantly seem fun and interesting. Even if all you want to do is sit at home and watch Netflix you feel like you need to go out and you need to do something fun so you can post about it. Boston winters are long, cold, and really depressing. I love photographing a fresh snowfall but that’s one snapshot and it doesn’t capture how grey and dreary winter can be. By mid-February I start to feel really depressed, I feel fatigued and I lose motivation and inspiration.

The past week I have been dealing with some family things that have kept me offline. Taking a week off from posting taught me two things. First I genuinely enjoy blogging. I love  sharing posts, taking photos, going and trying new things! But the second thing I learned was it is okay to take a break. The world did not end because I did not post, I was able to step back, take a breath, and focus on my family. The next couple weeks are definitely going to be tough, there is still a lot going on and the weather looks really crappy but I am hoping to be back on a normal schedule again.

A few things I like to do when I am feeling a little crappy, whether it be family issues or the weather these tips can definitely help break you out of the February Slump! 5838DA87-2529-41F0-A409-82F2F6AA4CF6


I love curling up with a cup of tea! Whether you like tea or coffee or hot cocoa curling up with a warm cuppa something can sometimes be just the trick! Put on your fuzzing socks and spend the day relaxing inside.

2. Go For A Walk

I know its cold but fresh air truly is the best cure! So bundle up put on some layers and go for a walk. If there is a day where the sun peaks out get out there, just spending ten minutes outside can make you feel so much better.

3. A Good Book (or a Good Binge)

Read a new book, its cold you don’t want to go outside I get it! So find a good book and spend the day inside reading. If you can’t find a book find a show. Finding a great show on Netflix or Hulu that you can binge all day long is one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy Sunday.

4. Vitamin D is Key!

Seasonal Depression is very real and sometimes you need a little help! We get so little sunlight during the winter so it is very easy to become Vitamin D deficient. I take a daily vitamin D supplement, consult your doctor but I definitely think taking this daily supplement helps me through the winter.

5. Phone a Friend

Making plans with friends give us things to look forward to. I have a standing weekly date with my best friend Maddie. I also plan afterwork drinks with friends and co-workers. It gets expensive to go out too much so I try to restrict these night outs to 1 or 2 nights a week. But even just 1 night out with a friend can make you feel a whole lot better!

What tips and tricks do you have for getting through the winter? Let me know in the comments below!



No Shop February

One of the things I love most about blogging is all of the amazing people I meet! My blogger friends are hustlers, they’re talented, they’re artists, they inspire me everyday. My friend Natalie of Wear You Are Now invited me to join the No Shop February Challenge. I was super intrigued when I heard about this, despite my best efforts I always impulse buy. I have enough clothes in my closet that I could go TWO months without doing laundry and still have things to wear. This month I pledge to not buy any new clothes, shoes, or accessories. I will be doing some traveling this spring and I want to put some money away for my trip.

Rather than continuing to fill my space with clutter I am going to take account of the things I have but never wear and donate them. I will also be trying to make all my coffee and tea at home. My main goal is to be more mindful of how I spend my money. I am still budgeting some money for going out but I am cutting myself off of take out. If I am eating at home I can make it at home!

Thank you to all the fabulous ladies doing this challenge with me. We will all be posting updates on our progress, be sure to check them out on Instagram to see how they’re doing during No Shop February! You can follow along with #noshopfeb

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Thanks to Danielle of A Sequined Life for organizing the challenge!

What goals are you setting for yourself this month?

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Skiing with Skedaddle & Mount Sunapee

Winter is rough, its cold, gray, it gets dark at 4 o’clock! If you’re new to New England winters this can be really depressing. But if you grew up going through these long winters you know how to make it fun. I am definitely guilty of being a homebody during the winter months, but nothing gets me outside the way skiing does! I started skiing when I was 7 years old, every Wednesday after school I would board the bus and head up to the mountain for ski lessons. In college and as an adult I have had a love hate relationship with skiing. Its expensive, its hard to get to the mountains if you don’t own a car etc. However ever time I go I’m reminded that I love it. If you didn’t grow up learning to ski the first couple times you go may feel like its impossible. But I promise you skiing is tons of fun once you get the hang of it!

Last weekend I partnered with Skedaddle and Mount Sunapee to go skiing with my friend Maddie. Skedaddle solves one of my biggest problems: how to get there! I live in Beacon Hill and I don’t own a car. In order to get to the mountains I either need to take an Amtrak Train, borrow a car, or convince a friend who has a car to come skiing with me. If you’re someone who loves to ski every weekend not having a car can seriously limit your season. Skedaddle is an app that plans routes from the city to fun events and activities outside the city! This winter Skedaddle is running a promotion with Mount Sunapee, $5 round trip from Boston to Mount Sunapee! Let me say that again FIVE DOLLARS. I was shocked how nice the bus was, big comfy seats that even had a usb port to charge your phone. Skedaddle got us to the mountain by 9:00AM and we were on the ski lift by 9:30. After the lifts closed we boarded the bus and napped while we were driven back to Boston. So easy, no stress, FIVE DOLLARS! Check out all the Skedaddle routes on their website and download the app!

I hadn’t skied at Mount Sunapee in a really long time and I was pleasantly surprised. Tons of great trails and the entire south peak is dedicated to those who are learning. It can definitely be intimidating to learn when you have people more experienced flying past you, so having a learning zone is great for first timers! If you are more experienced take the lift to the summit and choose from a variety of trails. A trip to Mount Sunapee isn’t complete without grabbing a waffle from the Waffle Cabin. Getting a Belgian waffle covered in chocolate is probably my favorite part of skiing.

When you’re done for the day grab a drink at the Goosefeathers Pub. Maddie and I had a great day, it was my first time skiing this season and I can’t wait for more fun trips! Where is your favorite place to ski?

Thank you Skedaddle and Mount Sunapee for hosting me and Maddie last weekend. As always all opinions are my own.