Good Boy

I was 11 years old when we brought you home. From the very beginning you were a loyal and loving pup. For ten years you had your best friend by your side, your partner in crime.

And when it was time for him to go, you stayed and loved our family enough for the both of you.

We started new traditions, and started to heal.

And when a new family member arrived. You showed him the ropes. You took him under your wing, you patiently endured all the puppy training. You enjoyed the extra treats.

But most importantly you taught him how to love. Because now it’s his turn to stay and love our family the way you always have.

You were there for all the big moments. Watching over us, loving us. But now you’re ready to go, you told us it was time, this is our last moment. Thank you for all the love, I’ll miss you Georgie. I’m happy you and Tucker will be running around in doggie heaven together. Thank you for being the best good boy there ever was. I love you. RIP

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