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Sea Shell by the Sea Shore

There is an Isak Dinesen quote that goes, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.”

There were definitely sweat and tears this week and I can’t wait to spend sometime by the sea. A short break by the beach is exactly what I need to unwind. If I had to pick a favorite thing about New England it would be all the small little beach towns you can escape to. My favorite has always been West Dennis; my family has been going there every summer since my grandfather was little. But there are also adorable towns up and down the coast. There is Rockport, Scituate, Newport, Bar Harbor, Camden, and so many more. What’s your favorite coastal escape?


This Lilly dress is one of my ‘holy-grails’, when it first came out I couldn’t afford it. Most of my Lilly dresses are actually bought second hand on apps like Poshmark. Last summer I finally scored this one for half its retail price on Posh!



Good Boy

I was 11 years old when we brought you home. From the very beginning you were a loyal and loving pup. For ten years you had your best friend by your side, your partner in crime.

And when it was time for him to go, you stayed and loved our family enough for the both of you.

We started new traditions, and started to heal.

And when a new family member arrived. You showed him the ropes. You took him under your wing, you patiently endured all the puppy training. You enjoyed the extra treats.

But most importantly you taught him how to love. Because now it’s his turn to stay and love our family the way you always have.

You were there for all the big moments. Watching over us, loving us. But now you’re ready to go, you told us it was time, this is our last moment. Thank you for all the love, I’ll miss you Georgie. I’m happy you and Tucker will be running around in doggie heaven together. Thank you for being the best good boy there ever was. I love you. RIP


Whimsy notes from Nantucket

My mother always taught me to write a thank you note. A text is nice, a phone call is better, but a hand written thank you note is the truest way to show gratitude. It is quickly becoming a lost art in todays fast paced world, who actually gets snail mail anymore? The only things I have to look forward to in my mail are bills and jury summons; so I am always very happy to receive a sweet note.fullsizeoutput_2575


Throughout college I have tried to make a habit of writing thank you notes. I wrote them whenever I had an interview, to my boss after completing an internship, and to anyone who took the time to meet with me for networking. Thank you notes are not just for presents your grandma sent you. People value there time and when they give you it for free a thank you note is the least you can do. Clearly I love a good thank you note and I love writing them on adorable stationary.fullsizeoutput_2576

Currently I am using Sara Fitz hydrangea notes for all my stationary needs! I love the whimsy, colorful designs Sara Fitz offers. In addition to note cards they also make wrapping paper and a variety of homeware. All of the designs are classic, colorful, and capture the New England spirit perfectly. Sara and her husband Miles met on Nantucket almost 15 years ago and in 2016 launched Sara Fitz, the lifestyle brand all New Englanders have been dying for!

Looking at the hydrangea note cards sitting on my desk I am transported back to summers on Cape Cod with my grandparents. Sending a hand written note is the perfect way to show someone you care, and I love sending it on a note card that is representative of who I am. I love New England, who I am has been greatly shaped by where I grew up. Sara Fitz designs tie together a mosaic of New England and I am in love! Be sure to follow Sara Fitz on Instagram, it will definitely brighten up your day.


Sara Fitz gifted me the hydrangea note cards in exchange for this post, as always all opinions are my own.


Eastern Point Light

In second grade we did a lighthouse project, we all picked a light house in New England and designed a model of it. So began my love of lighthouses. There are so many sprinkled through out New England. Growing up my mom would always take us to the beaches in Gloucester. I still try and make it up there a few times each summer. There is so much to explore in that area. Great restaurants, fabulous beaches, and of course a couple of lighthouses. Eastern Point Light is a classic that will never get old. The drive to get there take a little while but it is well worth it!


Brunching at Double Chin

If you’re not familiar with Double Chin you’re missing out! Right in Chinatown Double Chin is the hottest Asian Fusion spot in the entire city. In addition to the delicious food, Double Chin’s owner Gloria Chin is the sweetest and a total #girlboss! Her and her sister Emily started Double Chin and the bakery next door Bao Bao Bakery. I was thrilled to visit Double Chin last weekend to meet Gloria and have their famous Boozy Brunch.

Let’s be honest, because of Boston’s stupid puritanical liquor laws, sometimes Boston brunch can be a little bit of a let down. In NYC, DC, or Chicago you have bottomless brunch, $10 bottomless mimosas, brunch happy hours! But I was seriously impressed by Double Chin’s Brunch menu. I started with the unicorn mimosa, think a regular mimosa on crack. it had ice cream and rock candy and was pure deliciousness! Its a lot of sugar so if you’re drink one I recommend going with a savory brunch dish opposed to a sweet one. Me and my friend Anastasia both went savory she had the Skillet Char Siu Pork Belly Hash, and I had the Crab Me Benny One More Time (if you don’t get the Britney Spears reference our friendship is over).


Regardless of what you get to eat you need to get a side of the hash! It was amazing even after I was way to full I kept eating that hash! If you like soft shell crab you will love the Crab Me Benny. Eggs Benedict and soft shell crab? It was amazing! This was my first time having Asian Fusion brunch and I was so impressed. I actually had a hard time deciding what I wanted to order, there were so many new options I had never tried before. I definitely get in a brunch rut and order my go-to dishes time and time again. Double Chin got me out of my comfort zone and served me the best brunch I’ve had in a while! We were way to full to have dessert but I will definitely be going back to try Double Chin’s epic desserts, recently they had a unicorn crepe cake on specials that blew up Instagram, they have so many other amazing desserts I am dying to try. They even mark the “insta-worthy” ones right on the menu for you!


Double Chin is in the cutest space, the location is really easy to get to. There is a fun porch swing (perfect for your insta), it is such a fun spot for a brunch with your girlfriends! Thank you so much Gloria for having us, if you are looking to make brunch plans this weekend I definitely recommend making a reservation. Asian Fusion brunch is the future, get on board! I love supporting women owned businesses, I am constantly impressed by their creativity, drive, and passion. If you’re a #girlboss tell me your story!


Double Chin provided complimentary brunch for me and Anastasia, as always all opinions are my own.