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Sea Shell by the Sea Shore

There is an Isak Dinesen quote that goes, "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea." There were definitely sweat and tears this week and I can't wait to spend sometime by the sea. A short break by the beach is exactly what I need to unwind. If I had to… Continue reading Sea Shell by the Sea Shore


Whimsy notes from Nantucket

My mother always taught me to write a thank you note. A text is nice, a phone call is better, but a hand written thank you note is the truest way to show gratitude. It is quickly becoming a lost art in todays fast paced world, who actually gets snail mail anymore? The only things… Continue reading Whimsy notes from Nantucket


Eastern Point Light

In second grade we did a lighthouse project, we all picked a light house in New England and designed a model of it. So began my love of lighthouses. There are so many sprinkled through out New England. Growing up my mom would always take us to the beaches in Gloucester. I still try and… Continue reading Eastern Point Light


Brunching at Double Chin

If you're not familiar with Double Chin you're missing out! Right in Chinatown Double Chin is the hottest Asian Fusion spot in the entire city. In addition to the delicious food, Double Chin's owner Gloria Chin is the sweetest and a total #girlboss! Her and her sister Emily started Double Chin and the bakery next… Continue reading Brunching at Double Chin