Marathon Monday

Happy patriots day everyone! For those of you who didn’t grow up in Massachusetts Patriots day marks Paul Reveres midnight ride, it also falls on Marathon Monday.

I debated just taking the day to check out and stay off social media. Five years ago the marathon bombings devastated Boston. I lost a good boss and a wonderful person from my life. I was a senior in high school and had never before experienced this type of tragedy in my life. As the last five years have passed I have grown into a different person, I have matured, set and achieved news goals, made new friends and said goodbye to old ones. But on the anniversary of the bombings and on Marathon Monday I can’t help feeling like that scared 18 year old girl who had just had her world flipped upside down.

But I also feel grateful. Grateful that I live in a city where people rally and refuse to let a tragedy scare us away from one of our most beloved traditions. The strength, the love, and the community resolve that echoed through Boston after those bombings showed the world who we really are. People come to Boston from all over the world, for the best universities in the country, the world class hospitals, the champion sports teams, and yes to run the Boston marathon. I have always been proud of where I am from, but never have I loved my community as much as I did after that day. So thank you Boston, thank you for showing me what it means to be strong.

Good luck to all the runners today, I’m sorry it’s rainy and cold, but running in Boston mean you have to be ready for weather and you better be Boston Strong.

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