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Daffy’s in Newport

Last week has finally started to feel like spring! The sun was shining and it was the perfect time for a girls trip to Newport.

Newport has always been one of my favorite places to visit! There are so many fun bars and shops to check out. The history of the town is incredible, if it is your first time going I highly recommend doing the Newport Mansion tours. Buy the 5 mansion ticket, if you don’t make it to five you can save the ticket and use it again next time. If you’re only going to see one, see The Breakers, it is incredible! I love the history of Newport, it gives you a sense of nostalgia for a place and time you’ve never been.

Last weekend I went down to Newport with my friend Jen. It was Daffodil weekend in Newport, Nantucket’s Daffy festival is this coming weekend. Newport is a quick one hour ride from Boston, maybe a little more if you hit traffic. We did a bunch of fun things but my favorite was seeing all the daffodils!

We hit the Cliff Walk which was lined with tons of daffodils. I remember growing up my elementary school would host a daffodil fundraiser every spring. I loved getting the daffodils in the class room, and bringing them home and putting them in water. Going to the Daffy weekends throughout New England makes me feel like a kid again. Not to sound old but it just reminds me of a simpler time, life is so crazy now a days, between school, work, relationships, technology. I feel like there is always something to be done. When I was little you got home from school hopped on your bike and road around the neighborhood until supper time. Anyone else ever feel that way?

Before we headed home we ended the day with Del’s Frozen Lemonade, you can’t leave Rhode Island without one! If you’re heading to Newport soon be sure to check out my weekend guide to Newport!

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Beach Please

So it’s not quiet beach weather yet. But I went to visit my friend Jen in Quincy and we went for a walk on the beach and I wasn’t freezing! So I’m going to count that as a win.

I rarely go south of Boston, this was the first time I ever went to the beach in Quincy! I’ll stick to my north shore beaches or the cape this summer but it was cool to see the cityscape over the water.

I love this outfit from J.Crew Factory. They have been doing a ton of great sales lately I got this pineapple sweater for FREE! It occurred to me while we were walking along that I’ve had these Sperry’s since I was a freshmen in high school, if you’re looking for quality boat shoes I would recommend Sperry.

This is my favorite tote, I got it from L.L. Bean two years ago. They unfortunately discontinued the lobster pattern but a large boat and tote is perfect for the beach! Can’t wait for a real beach day, are you more of a beach person or a lake person?


Sailor Sailor in Gingham

I plan to live in gingham this summer! I am in love with this adorable dress from Sailor Sailor. The fun bell sleeves are so preppy and the gingham is a classic. The dress is super comfortable, the material is perfect for those hot summer days, now we just need to wait for it to actually be hot out!

Lately I have been channeling Jackie O in a lot of my outfits. As she famously said “Pearls are always appropriate.” I brought out some of my favorite pearls for this look. The pearl studs I always wear are from Tiffany’s, they were one of the first presents Mike ever gave me four years ago when we started dating. My pearl bracelet is from KJP, a classic go to for me.

This dress is a size small and I wish I had gone with an extra small. I’m wear a size 4 at most places but this dress ran a little big. I ended up taking the pearl necklace I had been wearing and using it as a belt! Never be scared to get creative with fashion. As Tim Gunn would say “make it work!”

Thank you Sailor Sailor for sending me this dress. As always all opinions are my own.


Marathon Monday

Happy patriots day everyone! For those of you who didn’t grow up in Massachusetts Patriots day marks Paul Reveres midnight ride, it also falls on Marathon Monday.

I debated just taking the day to check out and stay off social media. Five years ago the marathon bombings devastated Boston. I lost a good boss and a wonderful person from my life. I was a senior in high school and had never before experienced this type of tragedy in my life. As the last five years have passed I have grown into a different person, I have matured, set and achieved news goals, made new friends and said goodbye to old ones. But on the anniversary of the bombings and on Marathon Monday I can’t help feeling like that scared 18 year old girl who had just had her world flipped upside down.

But I also feel grateful. Grateful that I live in a city where people rally and refuse to let a tragedy scare us away from one of our most beloved traditions. The strength, the love, and the community resolve that echoed through Boston after those bombings showed the world who we really are. People come to Boston from all over the world, for the best universities in the country, the world class hospitals, the champion sports teams, and yes to run the Boston marathon. I have always been proud of where I am from, but never have I loved my community as much as I did after that day. So thank you Boston, thank you for showing me what it means to be strong.

Good luck to all the runners today, I’m sorry it’s rainy and cold, but running in Boston mean you have to be ready for weather and you better be Boston Strong.

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Ready for Nantucket

I feel like a broken record, but is it summer yet? I can’t wait for weekends on Nantucket this summer, I’m all ready with this fabulous clutch from Perch, and my bright pants. I love spending summers by the ocean. I grew up going to the Cape with my family and the past couple summers have fallen in love with Nantucket! Hoping to get a few weeks down there this summer!


My pants are super old from vineyard vines, and I got my blazer from vineyard vines last fall! I love how classic and New England this outfit is. Everyone needs a navy blazer in their closet, end of story!

As I get ready to graduate I am not sure how much time I’ll have by the ocean this summer, all part of growing up and getting a job! Terrifying I know, but only a few more weeks of school and then its time for the real world. Hope my fellow seniors are enjoying the last few weeks of college and making plans for the future! As scary as it can be I am very excited for this next chapter, stay tuned for a blog post all about my post graduation plans! In the mean time I’ll keep dreaming of Nantucket.

What’s your favorite place to go in the summer?