Jugos Supremo

Brunch is pretty much the highlight of my week. During the week I don’t eat breakfast, I grab a Chai Latte from Starbucks and I’m good until lunch. But on the weekends I have to eat when I wake up and nothing is better than a great brunch!8455BF9B-8B27-4C1E-8C49-FEC92B53B7DC

Last weekend my roommate Meg and I hit up Supremo in the Southend! If drunk brunch isn’t your scene Jugos Supremo is the place to be. On Sunday’s they have a special brunch menu with acai bowls, waffles, sandwiches, and breakfast bowls. Start your day off with a energy packed smoothie and a nutritious meal. Not only does this food look fantastic but it tastes amazing! I had the “Sexito Bowl” filled with two sunny side up eggs, avocado, roasted sweet potato, and black beans with cheese, it was so delicious! Meg had the Avocado toast (I know, I know us millennials and our avocado toast!) and we both had smoothies. The waffles smelled so good I almost wish that I had gotten the waffles instead of my bowl, but there is always next weekend! It was the perfect morning pick me up! Be sure to swing by and check them out this weekend.


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