Merry Stressmas

So I am sitting here, about to take my last final, thinking about all the Christmas shopping I still need to do and I am stressing. Christmas is supposed to make you merry and jolly. But many of us find ourselves stressed and exhausted during the Holidays. This can be true for any age group but I have found it especially hard to enjoy the holidays while in college.

We all know about the importance of time management. But I also think that today we face pressure to constantly be “doing the most”. We compete to see who is busiest. We look on social media and see our friends out doing fun things and feel lame for staying in. We’re told by older generations that we’re lazy so we work overtime. The pressure is real.

Ever since I was 16 I have had a job. Once in college it became a job and an internship, then it was two jobs and an internship. Well this month I managed to squeeze in three jobs, applying for, interviewing for and obtaining an internship for next semester. All while finishing classes and taking finals, I took 18 credits this semester.

My story is not unusual, most of my peers work one or two jobs on top of internships and course work. I have been so stressed the past week I haven’t been sleeping. December should be a time you can spend with your family and friends. You should be able to sit down and watch your favorite Christmas movie and have some cookies. Time management doesn’t always mean finding a way to fit everything in, sometimes it means looking at your calendar and ask, what can I get rid of? There are plenty of memes out there that joke about self care. But it shouldn’t be a joke, as the semester comes to a close take a beat to relax and enjoy the holiday seasons!

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