A Christmas Tradition

Right before me and Mike’s first Christmas together he took me to his place in Maine. It was my first time there, I had actually never been that far north in Maine before. It is so beautiful up there, it is the perfect place to go, unplug and relax for a few days before Christmas.

This year is our 4th Christmas together and for a fourth year in a row we headed up to Maine. It’s great to spend a weekend just the two of us, no WiFi, no distractions!

On the way home we always stop off in Freeport. I love the Christmas Village LL Bean does every year, this year they called in the Celebration of the Northern Lights. During the day Santa is there for the kids (and big kids) to take photos with, there are reindeer, hundreds of Christmas trees all lit up, it is truly magical! We can all get a little stressed during the holidays but strolling through all the trees really makes me feel like I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Thanks to Mike for being a good sport and letting me take a million photos even though you were cold!

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