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The Nantucket Stroll

This weekend was the Nantucket Stroll. It is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. If you’ve never been I definitely encourage you to go! Here are some tips to make your trip as enjoyable as possible!

1. Book your ferry tickets early

We took the Hy-line ferry, the fast ferry will get you there in 55 minutes. You can also take the Steamship authority, a little over 2hrs. If you’re only going for the day I would take the fast ferry so you don’t waste anytime. Book your tickets ahead of time. We booked 5 week in advanced and the later ferries home were sold out. I would book two months ahead. Try and get an early ferry over and take one of the last ferries back so you can maximize your time on island.

2. Make a reservation

Nantucket is mobbed this weekend. If there is somewhere you really want to do lunch or dinner make a reservation! There are some places that are first come first serve and don’t do reservations. But do your research if there is somewhere you want to eat find out what their policy is. And double check that they are open! Some places are already closed for the season by the time the Stroll comes around.

3. Know where Santa arrives

Straight Wharf! Honestly just follow the hoards of people. Decide if you want to see him arrive on his boat, if so get to the dock and stake out your spot a little early. If you want to see him in the parade get a good spot on main st. And remember there are lots of children, and they are so excited that Santa makes a special stop on Nantucket just for them!

4. Wear something festive

There is no such thing as ‘over the top’ at the Stroll. Whatever crazy holiday outfit you put together your will fit right in! I wore black watch pants with a red sweater and a red coat and I felt like I wasn’t festive enough!

5. Go to the Whaling Museum

The festival of trees is 100% worth it. People are so creative and I was amazed by some of the trees this year. Aside from all the Christmas trees the museum itself is really cool and you can learn a lot about Nantucket’s rich history.

6. Enjoy!

I love the Stroll because everyone is so cheerful and festive. In the city people are so busy and cranky that you don’t always feel the holiday spirit. This is not the case on Nantucket, everyone is friendly and excited to be there, have a drink make some friends and enjoy! Happy Stroll!

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