Strolling- The Nantucket Hotel

This weekend was The Nantucket Stroll! If you’re not familiar with the stroll it’s a big Christmas festival held every year. Over the past few years strolls have popped up all over New England, but Nantucket’s is the BEST! This year we had lunch at Breeze Bar and Cafe at The Nantucket Hotel.

We were greeted in the lobby, Mark was so sweet. We decided to start with some cocktails on the porch sitting by the fire pit, there was live music and we made tons of friends around the fire. Then we moved into the dinning room where they had the most beautiful Christmas tree! I started with the crispy Brussels sprouts and then had the Lobster risotto. Everything was fantastic! We had Arnoldo as our server, he was attentive and made sure our meal was perfect! I love the Stroll because everyone is so cheerful and festive, the ambience at The Nantucket Hotel kept the Christmas cheer going!

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