Iceland Guide- Reykjavik

Okay bare with me, this is going to be a long one! When I planned my trip I was only expecting to get one day in Reykjavik but since our South Coast tour with Reykjavik Sightseeing was canceled due to weather we ended up getting two! And even though I was a little bummed about not getting to see the south coast I was really glad we got two days in Reykjavik!

There are tons of FREE things to do in the city. On day 1 we started with Hallgrimskirkju a gorgeous church! You can take the elevator to the top and get a breath taking view of the entire city! After that we strolled through the streets of Reykjavik, keep an eye out for all the murals sprinkled throughout the streets.D319E5D8-96C5-4A62-8533-06BE3A53D4D9FCDC9A5D-39F1-4102-BF2A-AA879F0541B7AB43904D-D15A-4D9B-A9E8-C5533028F1A2108DD72D-1257-427D-976F-36E870223812F4943A56-84F3-48ED-A1AF-EE4B233CA970C98F24A9-2DED-4390-AFB1-AC56D4BADCC3EDF3F5B9-BCC2-4249-BC27-4CD51C300223877FFC48-2591-440D-AEEB-404B71A39387

We stopped at a restaurant called The Sweet Pig for lunch. I had a reindeer burger and guys I kid you not it was THE BEST burger of my entire life. It was so good I dug into it before even taking a photo! It had Icelandic cheese, red onion jam, and horseradish mayo on top and it was amazing. And when in Iceland do like the Vikings and drink a Viking beer!76D35863-2631-4933-BFFA-25DB21624FE68E5C4F73-5285-4703-94EA-AB7EC478E1FE82DDE15D-E2BF-4963-A473-60F6C4C62B0C

After lunch we headed over to Harpa Music Hall. The building is stunning and has gorgeous views over the water. Head in and walk around! After you’re done in the Harpa walk a couple more blocks to the Sun Voyager, a really cool statue of a Viking ship! After that we made our way back to our hostel popping in and out of all the cute little shops.7C2194C0-2AA3-4140-93B7-409EDD56B596BFE2BAFE-ABD1-4B60-8567-6F8DE76448664A19F6FA-04CB-4C6A-B97D-A8B7E06E90B96CFF38FB-340D-40D8-AF0D-F4A47A5F5B63C94BADC4-0D15-4193-8CBD-68775EAB46002ABFBA05-C8BA-4DEF-B026-0CA7BB2B0E16

Day 2 started with a short walk to the Perlan Observatory. I didn’t think we would be able to make it there so I didn’t do to much research ahead of time but I was pleasantly surprised. When we arrived we purchased tickets for the ice caves. They are so cool and so worth it! Take the ten minute guided tour and learn a little bit about the glaciers! Next take the elevator up to the observation deck and check out the best view in the city! Reykjavik is so beautiful I feel a little redundant continually talking about the gorgeous views, but it’s the truth! Perlan has a restaurant on the top floor, we didn’t check it out but I can’t imagine having a better view for dinner.8AD972DE-2AF6-451B-AD34-ED7D1D8E061F323BE242-405B-4D7D-8566-25B9E3E34F55D677D683-5259-41DD-B58E-A255059F1EA4F5317071-6B5A-4FDC-997B-E0C2DABB5D793FC35162-7181-47CE-A5E5-8951A34F58562BA0F315-A219-4DBD-B2BA-A6073244A5477C53E766-BF72-4D48-B946-4E0F7218FC41

We took a cab from Perlan to Saegreifinn, which translates to the Sea Baron. It is a tiny hole in the wall place right by Harpa Music Hall. You have to go and you have to get the Lobster Soup! After that we strolled around down town doing a little more shopping and before heading back to the hotel we stopped and got hotdog at Baejarins Beztu Plysur “best dog in town”. You have to get it with everything on it! This is a world Famous Hotdog and probably the cheapest thing you will eat in Iceland.910B9D39-97FD-464B-B8EC-681BDEF80D7094F4C036-A0D3-4A47-B464-74FBAABD6041T5dLBD4xRiu6t27dTmLUOg674CF353-4669-49D0-95E8-5B2AC3202C76CF52ED36-6FFA-4524-B9FF-E81C5610764A

Iceland was an amazing experience! Thank you so much to Reykjavik Sightseeing and Grayline Iceland for making my trip possible!

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