Iceland Guide- Reykjavik

Okay bare with me, this is going to be a long one! When I planned my trip I was only expecting to get one day in Reykjavik but since our South Coast tour with Reykjavik Sightseeing was canceled due to weather we ended up getting two! And even though I was a little bummed about not getting to see the south coast I was really glad we got two days in Reykjavik!

There are tons of FREE things to do in the city. On day 1 we started with Hallgrimskirkju a gorgeous church! You can take the elevator to the top and get a breath taking view of the entire city! After that we strolled through the streets of Reykjavik, keep an eye out for all the murals sprinkled throughout the streets.D319E5D8-96C5-4A62-8533-06BE3A53D4D9FCDC9A5D-39F1-4102-BF2A-AA879F0541B7AB43904D-D15A-4D9B-A9E8-C5533028F1A2108DD72D-1257-427D-976F-36E870223812F4943A56-84F3-48ED-A1AF-EE4B233CA970C98F24A9-2DED-4390-AFB1-AC56D4BADCC3EDF3F5B9-BCC2-4249-BC27-4CD51C300223877FFC48-2591-440D-AEEB-404B71A39387

We stopped at a restaurant called The Sweet Pig for lunch. I had a reindeer burger and guys I kid you not it was THE BEST burger of my entire life. It was so good I dug into it before even taking a photo! It had Icelandic cheese, red onion jam, and horseradish mayo on top and it was amazing. And when in Iceland do like the Vikings and drink a Viking beer!76D35863-2631-4933-BFFA-25DB21624FE68E5C4F73-5285-4703-94EA-AB7EC478E1FE82DDE15D-E2BF-4963-A473-60F6C4C62B0C

After lunch we headed over to Harpa Music Hall. The building is stunning and has gorgeous views over the water. Head in and walk around! After you’re done in the Harpa walk a couple more blocks to the Sun Voyager, a really cool statue of a Viking ship! After that we made our way back to our hostel popping in and out of all the cute little shops.7C2194C0-2AA3-4140-93B7-409EDD56B596BFE2BAFE-ABD1-4B60-8567-6F8DE76448664A19F6FA-04CB-4C6A-B97D-A8B7E06E90B96CFF38FB-340D-40D8-AF0D-F4A47A5F5B63C94BADC4-0D15-4193-8CBD-68775EAB46002ABFBA05-C8BA-4DEF-B026-0CA7BB2B0E16

Day 2 started with a short walk to the Perlan Observatory. I didn’t think we would be able to make it there so I didn’t do to much research ahead of time but I was pleasantly surprised. When we arrived we purchased tickets for the ice caves. They are so cool and so worth it! Take the ten minute guided tour and learn a little bit about the glaciers! Next take the elevator up to the observation deck and check out the best view in the city! Reykjavik is so beautiful I feel a little redundant continually talking about the gorgeous views, but it’s the truth! Perlan has a restaurant on the top floor, we didn’t check it out but I can’t imagine having a better view for dinner.8AD972DE-2AF6-451B-AD34-ED7D1D8E061F323BE242-405B-4D7D-8566-25B9E3E34F55D677D683-5259-41DD-B58E-A255059F1EA4F5317071-6B5A-4FDC-997B-E0C2DABB5D793FC35162-7181-47CE-A5E5-8951A34F58562BA0F315-A219-4DBD-B2BA-A6073244A5477C53E766-BF72-4D48-B946-4E0F7218FC41

We took a cab from Perlan to Saegreifinn, which translates to the Sea Baron. It is a tiny hole in the wall place right by Harpa Music Hall. You have to go and you have to get the Lobster Soup! After that we strolled around down town doing a little more shopping and before heading back to the hotel we stopped and got hotdog at Baejarins Beztu Plysur “best dog in town”. You have to get it with everything on it! This is a world Famous Hotdog and probably the cheapest thing you will eat in Iceland.910B9D39-97FD-464B-B8EC-681BDEF80D7094F4C036-A0D3-4A47-B464-74FBAABD6041T5dLBD4xRiu6t27dTmLUOg674CF353-4669-49D0-95E8-5B2AC3202C76CF52ED36-6FFA-4524-B9FF-E81C5610764A

Iceland was an amazing experience! Thank you so much to Reykjavik Sightseeing and Grayline Iceland for making my trip possible!


Iceland Guide- The Northern Lights

During my recent trip to Iceland I partnered with Grayline Iceland to do a Northern Lights Hunt. Now they say hunt not tour because there is no guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights. However November is the best time of year to try to see them, this was something I definitely wanted to do while in Iceland and the main reason I chose to go in November. And sure enough the first spot they brought us to we were able to see the Northern Lights!

We boarded the Grayline bus the same way as the Golden Circle Tour. You were assigned either a bus stop or your hotel as your pickup location, mini buses come around and pick everyone up and bring you to the Grayline bus terminal. Once we boarded the bus our tour guide started to tell us about the Northern Lights. Our tour guide Irma was great! She was able to answer all our questions about the Northern Lights and even helped everyone with their camera settings!

I wish I had done a little more research on how to photograph the Northern Lights. It is definitely something that takes some practice. My photos are not fantastic but I figured I would share them with you anyway! if you want to see some really great Northern Lights photos check out Graylines website!



I definitely would do another Northern Lights tour and this time do a little more research on how to best photograph them. Thank god our tour guide was able to help me with my camera settings or I might not have even got these ones! I found this really helpful article about how to photograph them that I will be booking marking for my next trip to Iceland! I definitely encourage you to invest in a tripod, even a mini one will really make a huge difference in your photographs. As I’m sure you can see I did not use a tripod so my photos came out a little blurry.

Seeing the Northern Lights was really incredible, and the Grayline staff was great. Its a 3-5 hour tour depending on how long it takes to see the Northern Lights. We were very lucky that we saw them as soon as we arrived. The one downside was there was no bathroom on the bus and no usb ports to charge phones and cameras. But we spent most the time off the bus so it was okay! Definitely dress in many layers because you could be standing outside for a few hours. Thank you so much to Grayline for making this experience possible!


I received compensation for this post in the form of a free tour, but as always all opinions are my own.


Iceland Guide- Golden Circle

Over Thanksgiving I went to Iceland, it seems like everyone has been going the past few months and after spending 4 days there I know why. It is absolutely stunning! Even in the heart of downtown Reykjavik you have mountain views and ocean views. Take a drive outside the city and it gets even prettier. I teamed up with Reykjavik Sightseeing during my trip and went on a Golden Circle Tour. There are tons of Day trip bus tours out of Reykjavik and from the moment I started planning my trip I knew I wanted to do the Golden Circle. This trip takes you to,  Þingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Springs, and Gullfoss Waterfall. If you can only do one tour during your time in Iceland I definitely recommend the Golden Circle Tour, it is a full day and you get to see so much of what makes Iceland unique!

Now first things first, Iceland does tourism and they do tourism well. When you book your trip it will ask where you are staying and based on that information you will either be assigned a bus stop or you will be picked up at your hotel. We were assigned a bus stop just a couple blocks from our Hostel. The way all tour companies do it is a half hour before your tour starts you will be picked up at your pick-up location, they give you a half hour window for pick up. (example: for a 10am tour you would be picked up between 9:30 and 10:00am) the mini-buses go around and picks everyone up and then bring you to the large tour bus. The Reykjavik Sightseeing buses were great! They were comfy with plenty of leg room, there was a bathroom on board incase you needed it, the wifi was surprisingly great, and there were USB ports to charge your phone or camera. Our tour guide was really helpful and informative at each stop. I wish we had had just a little more time at the Geysir Hot Springs since that was also our lunch stop but its a long day so they need to keep things moving.

Our tour started at Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The North American and Eurasia tectonic plates (throw back to 8th grade science anyone?) have been pulling apart for hundreds of years creating a lava rock valley, walking through the rift you are literally standing on two continents at once! In addition to being seriously cool Þingvellir National Park is breathtakingly beautiful. From the observation deck you look over the biggest lake in Iceland, Þingvallavatn. In November the sun doesn’t rise until around 10:30am so we got to watch the sun come up over the lake! E5CC0D67-B714-4D4C-B8AB-EE484C3106FC8C0F1BE7-0EA9-44BE-AD80-6DD9FD104C16F944538C-09AC-427E-B8F9-F3C1260639AE1EA874AA-EB20-4BFD-9EEC-D8AC3F2F3977E58A2EEF-F570-4C43-8D76-E445C5CCD766

Back on the bus we headed to Geysir Hot Springs.  If you come to Iceland and don’t see the Geysir you did something wrong! Walk up to the Strokkur Geyser which erupts every 8-10minutes sending steaming hot water up into the sky from the ground. It is really cool to watch it erupt. Pro tip stand up wind from it, during the first eruption I stood down wind and was immediately met with a face full of steam the fogged up my camera lens. I was not prepared for the smell, it kind of smells like low-tide but you get used to it after a minute. It was really cold so we only watched two eruptions before heading inside to get lunch, but on a nicer day I would have stayed out and watched a few more! Be sure to check out Litli-Geysir too! Inside there are a few different places to get lunch and there is a cool gift shop. E2A7EBAD-A329-4010-8274-7F5D80C03E82

The next stop was Gullfoss but our tour guide let us make a quick stop along the road to meet some Icelandic Horses. I was so excited! I had been taking about meeting an Icelandic Horse since we booked our trip, I was bummed we couldn’t fit in horse riding during the trip. IMG_6297B01BE4DC-2B55-4F5F-9989-CB0A93DA229A25AAA2EC-DDA8-42BB-BE6E-872BED650762

The last stop on the Golden Circle Tour, Gullfoss Waterfall, did not disappoint. If you have ever been to Niagra Falls (the Canadian side) this is 10 times cooler! You can walk down a watch the glacial waters come down from an observation deck, or you can walk along the top and look down. We did both, but if you only have time for one go to the top! Looking down was incredible, it is so big and beautiful.  I would definitely come back in the summer and see Gullfoss not all covered in ice and snow. This was probably my favorite stop of the day! F371BF5B-4770-4CC0-B5D6-B7FEC9D4BC637F595E9A-49C1-485B-BCFA-897CCD163EB6

After that it was time to head back to Reykjavik! It was a long day and I was completely exhausted. We had flown in at 6am and boarded the 9am tour! I took a nap on the way back to the city and woke up just in time for the bus to drop us off back at our hotel. I was also supposed to do a South Coast tour with Reykjavik Sightseeing but unfortunately due to weather conditions the tour was canceled. Thank you so much to Reykjavik Sightseeing for making this trip possible! Next time I am in Iceland I will definitely be booking with them again.



I received compensation for this post in form of a free tour, but as always all opinions are my own.


Frenchie Boston

Last week I had lunch at Frenchie in the South End to celebrate my birthday. If you haven’t been to Frenchie you must check it out, it’s such a cute place and the menu is fantastic. Me and my friend Maddie split a basket of their Herb French fries, if I were to get them again I would ask for them well done ours were a little soft for my taste. We also got the Charcuterie board. I had a glass of red and Maddie had a glass of sparkling rosé. I can’t wait to go back and try their brunch! We finished with the creme brûlée which was delicious!

Location: Frenchie

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Birthday and Wine

Every year for my birthday me and my best friend Megan pick a winery and go do a tasting. Her birthday is November 2nd and mine is the 16th so we always get together on Veterans Day weekend to celebrate together.

This year we visited Mill River Winery in Rowley, MA and then we grabbed lunch and strolled around downtown Newburyport. Mill River was super small but they delivered on the charm. The bar tender was super knowledgeable about the wines. My favorite was the Plum Island Red!

After our tasting we drove the ten minutes to Newburyport. It was a little chilly but the sun was shinning. I had on my Lands End tartan puffer vest. Just like my other Lands End vest the pockets are fleece lined which is perfect for keeping my hands warm! I counted the other day and it turns out I have 6 vests! And that’s after loosing my favorite Vineyard Vines vest this summer when I moved. But I’m a firm believer that you can never have enough vests! Where is your favorite place to get vests from? Newburyport is super charming. I know New England is full of charming seaside towns but I’ve always really liked Newburyport!

Vest: Lands End

Jeans: Vineyard Vines

Bag and boots: LL Bean

Hat: Northface