Back to School Prep

Growing up I always started school the Thursday after Labor Day. Fortunately Boston colleges honor that tradition because most apartment leases start September 1st. Students get a week to move in and get settled before class starts. Even though being in college means starting school every September just like when I was growing up it just feels different.

Growing up I would go to the mall and pick out a specific outfit for the first day of school. Now I just tend to grab whatever is clean and ironed and head out the door. Sometimes I miss that anxious excited feeling I used to get at the beginning of the school year. Even though I am super excited for Autumn and can’t wait to break out all my flannels Boston is still going to be warm through Labor Day and the start of school. So I broke out one of my favorite J.Crew skirts and one of my old Brooks Brothers button downs. This outfit is so much funny and so classically prep!

📸: Meant to be Will Be

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