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An Apple A Day

For me apple picking has always marked the beginning of Fall! This weekend was so beautiful out it almost still felt like summer, but as of the 22nd it is officially Fall! Though let’s be real I have been drinking salted Carmel mocha and burning my pumpkin scented candles since Labor Day. I always go apple picking with my best friend Megan! We’ve been best friends since we met the first day of kindergarten and it is one of our favorite traditions. This year my boyfriend Mike tagged along and we spent the day collecting apples, eating cider donuts, and checking out the Honey Pot Hill petting zoo (they have piggies!) Anyone else go apple picking every year? Where do you go?

4F630C69-2AEA-4537-AD39-E85C8814BB984B5E0DEF-414E-46C4-AADA-586DF868ABA904F47AB6-4BD3-49C9-93D3-3B32FAF747B1I wore one of my favorite skirts from J.Crew Factory that I got last year with a classic Chambray button down that I got on sale at J.Crew this summer. It rained most the week so I wore my Bean Boots in case there was mud. My nails are painted Berry Naughty by Essie.4C42D21C-4020-447F-A1C0-DA09E487E6FB46458C12-971C-462B-9303-B3AB74FD2FFEED90B42A-D9E1-48FE-A734-B506EBEA9FE1C76388DE-0095-4FDF-BC9D-9D05B5B122A88F5CE73A-8400-4E6E-8D60-2952B5CCBD29CF6B80FD-72F2-40B9-82BF-13CCC737FFE9c2d0fc6f-1986-456d-9fb7-245e973696931.jpg

Outfit Details: Skirt-J.Crew Factory (old) similar, Shirt- J.Crew (old) similar, Shoes- L.L. Bean Bean Boots, Sunglasses- J.Crew similar

Location: Honey Pot Hill Orchard -Just a short 45 minute drive from Boston, Honey Pot is a great day trip that everyone should take during the Fall! They also have blueberry picking earlier in the season. There are Hedge Mazes for all ages, the farm stand, Hay rides, and most importantly the best cider donuts that have ever existed!


Kate Spade Shoes I Love

Kate Spade is one of my go to brands! From purses to shoes the accessories line at Kate Spade is such high quality! Yesterday I stopped in the Kate Spade store on Newbury Street and tried on some of their newest shoes, here are my favs!

Garden Boots


I love these booties! The color is perfect for Fall and the scalloped detail is so preppy.


Belgrove Flats


Every Fall I become obsessed with leopard print. These flats from Kate Spade not only have leopard print but also a bow! Put a bow on it and I’m in love!


Jackie Heels                                  S741843S_001

Like I said put a bow on it and I’m in love! No matter how many pairs of black heels I own I always want a new pair. I think I will be adding these ones to my collection very soon!


Penrose Sandals


These sandals are just so extra I have to have them! Rose gold, pearls, suede, this shoe has it all! I don’t know how practical this shoe is but it is so fun!

Kate Spade is such a fun brand! What are your must have shoes this season?




Tips for visiting Colby Farm

If you live in New England and have an Instagram account I’m sure you have heard of Colby Farm! The past couple years it has become a must visit hot spot during the month of September, why? Because of this magical sunflower field that blooms this month!  I went last year and I loved it! It’s like nothing you have seen in real life before. This year the field was even bigger and there were definitely more people clued into this little spot. But how can you get an awesome picture of this seemingly endless field without other people in the background of your photos? 

1. Go early

This means early in the month and early in the day, I wish I had gone a view days sooner than I did. The earlier you go the better the sunflowers will look, keep an eye on the Colby Farm Facebook page they update you on when the sunflowers will be at peak bloom. I went a few days after peak bloom but they still looked good. Go early in the day!! They open at 9:00am I recommend getting there at 9:00am, I know that seems early but if you wait there will be hundreds of other people there and you will have to wait to get in. Which brings me to my next point. 

2. Parking

The first time I went to Colby Farm you just parked at the little Farm stand and walked over to the sunflower field. Now parking is 5 dollars, so bring cash, and there is a giant field behind the sunflower field where they direct people to park. Because I got there right when they opened we were able to get a spot with out waiting but I heard other people have waited 45 minutes to an hour to get in. So plan to get there early! 

3. Follow the rules

There are signs that say don’t pick the sunflowers. Please just follow the rules, if you want to take some sunflowers home with you you can buy some in the Farm stand. This is a family run business and they rely on the money they make during sunflower season. Picking the sunflowers also leaves less for other peop to take photos with, so don’t ruin the fun for everyone else!

4. Walk around 

A lot of people stay by the side of the field closest to the farm stand I recommend immediately walking to the far side of the field. There will be less people and I think the sunflowers look better from that angle. Head over to the farm stand when you’re done taking photos in the field. There have goats and chickens! Go into the farm stand and do a little shopping. They have pies, fresh fruits and veggies, and cider donuts!! Remember this is a business and it cost money to plant those sunflowers so don’t forget to support the hard workers that make that sunflower field possible. 

5. Be courteous

I know you might have waited a while to get in and you really want to get some photos of you, your significant other, kids, dog etc. but please remember everyone is there trying to do the same thing. If you see a spot you really want to take a photo in don’t jump in the background of someone else’s shot, just wait a minute for them to move on. Be patient and enjoy the experience! And please remember not to pick the sunflowers, buy some in the farm stand and leave the field to be enjoyed by everyone else 🌻

Have you visited Colby Farm before? Let me know in the comments! 
Outfit details: dress- Vineyard Vines, jacket- Ralph Lauren, shoes- Sperry, sunglasses- Ray-ban 


Back to School Prep

Growing up I always started school the Thursday after Labor Day. Fortunately Boston colleges honor that tradition because most apartment leases start September 1st. Students get a week to move in and get settled before class starts. Even though being in college means starting school every September just like when I was growing up it just feels different.

Growing up I would go to the mall and pick out a specific outfit for the first day of school. Now I just tend to grab whatever is clean and ironed and head out the door. Sometimes I miss that anxious excited feeling I used to get at the beginning of the school year. Even though I am super excited for Autumn and can’t wait to break out all my flannels Boston is still going to be warm through Labor Day and the start of school. So I broke out one of my favorite J.Crew skirts and one of my old Brooks Brothers button downs. This outfit is so much funny and so classically prep!

📸: Meant to be Will Be