Summer Reflection

I can’t believe summer is almost over. Even though Autumn is my favorite season it always makes me sad when summer ends. I’m have so many happy memories of summers on the cape with my family.

I grew up coming to West Dennis Beach with my family. I remember sitting on the beach with my grandparents, me and my sisters would spend hours making sand castles and digging holes. We would literally compete to see who could dig the biggest hole. Looking back on those days I laugh, now when I go to the beach I get distracted checking emails, answering texts, and listening to music on my headphones. Life just isn’t as simple as it was back when all we cared about was digging holes on the beach, back then no one had cellphones and if you did you didn’t bring them to the beach.  It’s nice to just stroll along the same beach I grew up at, even though life has changed and I’ve changed the beach remains. Year after year I come back and remember all the memories my family and I have shared at West Dennis Beach.


Outfit details: Dress- Lilly Pulitzer, Shoes-JackRogers, Bracelet-KJP, Sunglasses- Rayban

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