Summer Reflection

I can’t believe summer is almost over. Even though Autumn is my favorite season it always makes me sad when summer ends. I’m have so many happy memories of summers on the cape with my family.

I grew up coming to West Dennis Beach with my family. I remember sitting on the beach with my grandparents, me and my sisters would spend hours making sand castles and digging holes. We would literally compete to see who could dig the biggest hole. Looking back on those days I laugh, now when I go to the beach I get distracted checking emails, answering texts, and listening to music on my headphones. Life just isn’t as simple as it was back when all we cared about was digging holes on the beach, back then no one had cellphones and if you did you didn’t bring them to the beach. ┬áIt’s nice to just stroll along the same beach I grew up at, even though life has changed and I’ve changed the beach remains. Year after year I come back and remember all the memories my family and I have shared at West Dennis Beach.


Outfit details: Dress- Lilly Pulitzer, Shoes-JackRogers, Bracelet-KJP, Sunglasses- Rayban


Pure Barre Review

For the past month I have been going to Pure Barre on Newbury Street. They have a really great first time member deal, 1 month unlimited for $100. It’s a really great deal if you go several times a week!

I had taken a few barre classes in the past but had never really gotten into it so I was curious to try Pure. Here are my thoughts after attending for a month, bottom line I definitely recommend trying it!

The studio: the studio is on the second floor of the building right next to Starbucks. It is clean and bright and the staff is so friendly. There is water for sale if you forget yours, large and clean bathrooms, and changing rooms. I definitely felt comfortable showing up for my first class. It may sound silly but I definitely get gym anxious! I have been to a lot of different gyms and work out studios over the years and it can be a bit nerve wracking to show up by yourself not really knowing what to expect. The staff at Pure Barre made me feel comfortable right away, they gave me a quick tour of the studio, went through some terminology, and the instructor took the time to introduce herself to all the first timers. This made me feel completely welcome and comfortable. If you get anxious about new work outs too it can be helpful to bring a friend along.

The work out is great! It may look easy, the movements are small, weights are light, but be ready to hurt the next day! Hydrate before class and take advantage of the stretching you do during the class. After attending for 1 month I have definitely noticed a difference in my body, my arms look thinner, butt looks firmer, and I overall feel stronger. I have really crappy knees from years of soccer so this work out was perfect for me because it didn’t put to much pressure on my joints (I know I’m 22 but I’m really just an old lady inside).

If you are looking for a new work out to help you feel good inside and out I definitely recommend taking advantage of the first time member offer at Pure Barre the Newbury Street location is conveniently located right next to the Haynes Convention stop on the B, C, and D line!

If you liked this review let me know! In the past I haven’t blogged much about my fitness and nutrition routines but would love to start sharing a little here and there!IMG_2939IMG_2938