Month in Review

Hi all! So I thought for the summer I would do a series of post every month breaking recapping some really fun events! So much is going on in the city this summer and I want to make sure I get the chance to tell you about all of them! Maybe I’ll keep this series going in the Fall, let me know if you like the idea! May was a pretty busy month for me so here is what I’ve been up to!

1. School and Professional developments

I finished up my semester proud to say that I made Dean’s List again! I only have one more year left so I am just powering through, I will be taking an online course this summer to get to graduation just a little faster! For those of you that don’t know I transferred after my freshman year. I originally went to American University in DC, then I took 3 semesters off before transferring into Suffolk. So even though I am graduating a year behind my original graduation date I am technically graduating a semester early!

I also started a new job this month! I had been working as the social media manager for a local non-profit, but they have promoted me. Downside is I no longer get to work remotely like I did when I was the social media manager, but its a new position with a lot of new challenges. I am excited to jump in and start learning.

2. Cambridge Side Event

This month I was invited to attend an event at the Cambridge Side called “Shop, Sip, and Sail”. The event started with a scavenger hunt through the mall. We stopped at various stores trying out product and getting to know all the amazing sales associates that work there. Then we boarded a Charles River Boat Cruise and took a quick ride around the Charles River. The boat itself was so cute and we had drinks and snacks on board. There were tons of other local bloggers at the event and it was so great to catch up with friends and meet some new people! The highlight of this event was the views! the weather was gorgeous and we got see cruise up the Charles getting a great view of Back Bay and Cambridge!

3. M0851 Party

M0851 is an adorable store on Newbury Street and you should all check it out! Last week M0851 had a great party to celebrate 30 years in business and 1 year on Newbury Street. The event was so much fun there was even a drawing for a gift certificate, I unfortunately did not win. Snacks were provided by Select Oyster Bar and cocktails were provided by Privateer Rum and Absolut. We got to shop and meet tons of new people. It was so much fun!

4. Ladies Lounge

If you’re not familiar with General Assembly, you should be! GA provides classes and workshops in some of the fastest growing careers across the globe. Every month they have a Ladies Lounge, the one I went to was actually the last week of April but I wanted to include it here! Ladies Lounge is a monthly event, the theme shifts slightly every month but it is always focused on how to be a Boss Lady! Last month they focused on social media, the next one which will be June 22nd is “Selling Like A Boss”. I think these events are such a great, and did I mention FREE, resource. It allows you to dip your toe into a new subject before diving into a course. I personally find them inspiring, I love getting to hear from other successful women. I am a firm believer that there is room for us all at the top so we should always support one another. I met some great girls at this event and ended up doing dinner with them the following week and it was so much fun.

Favorite Restaurant of the Month: Lolita, try the white lie margarita it’s my favorite!


So that was May! It really flew by and I hope the rest of summer doesn’t go as fast. I have been busy searching for a new apartment and hanging out with friends! Thanks for reading, let me know some fun things you did this month, or fun things you’re looking forward to next month in the comments below!



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