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Hi all! So I thought for the summer I would do a series of post every month breaking recapping some really fun events! So much is going on in the city this summer and I want to make sure I get the chance to tell you about all of them! Maybe I’ll keep this series going in the Fall, let me know if you like the idea! May was a pretty busy month for me so here is what I’ve been up to!

1. School and Professional developments

I finished up my semester proud to say that I made Dean’s List again! I only have one more year left so I am just powering through, I will be taking an online course this summer to get to graduation just a little faster! For those of you that don’t know I transferred after my freshman year. I originally went to American University in DC, then I took 3 semesters off before transferring into Suffolk. So even though I am graduating a year behind my original graduation date I am technically graduating a semester early!

I also started a new job this month! I had been working as the social media manager for a local non-profit, but they have promoted me. Downside is I no longer get to work remotely like I did when I was the social media manager, but its a new position with a lot of new challenges. I am excited to jump in and start learning.

2. Cambridge Side Event

This month I was invited to attend an event at the Cambridge Side called “Shop, Sip, and Sail”. The event started with a scavenger hunt through the mall. We stopped at various stores trying out product and getting to know all the amazing sales associates that work there. Then we boarded a Charles River Boat Cruise and took a quick ride around the Charles River. The boat itself was so cute and we had drinks and snacks on board. There were tons of other local bloggers at the event and it was so great to catch up with friends and meet some new people! The highlight of this event was the views! the weather was gorgeous and we got see cruise up the Charles getting a great view of Back Bay and Cambridge!

3. M0851 Party

M0851 is an adorable store on Newbury Street and you should all check it out! Last week M0851 had a great party to celebrate 30 years in business and 1 year on Newbury Street. The event was so much fun there was even a drawing for a gift certificate, I unfortunately did not win. Snacks were provided by Select Oyster Bar and cocktails were provided by Privateer Rum and Absolut. We got to shop and meet tons of new people. It was so much fun!

4. Ladies Lounge

If you’re not familiar with General Assembly, you should be! GA provides classes and workshops in some of the fastest growing careers across the globe. Every month they have a Ladies Lounge, the one I went to was actually the last week of April but I wanted to include it here! Ladies Lounge is a monthly event, the theme shifts slightly every month but it is always focused on how to be a Boss Lady! Last month they focused on social media, the next one which will be June 22nd is “Selling Like A Boss”. I think these events are such a great, and did I mention FREE, resource. It allows you to dip your toe into a new subject before diving into a course. I personally find them inspiring, I love getting to hear from other successful women. I am a firm believer that there is room for us all at the top so we should always support one another. I met some great girls at this event and ended up doing dinner with them the following week and it was so much fun.

Favorite Restaurant of the Month: Lolita, try the white lie margarita it’s my favorite!


So that was May! It really flew by and I hope the rest of summer doesn’t go as fast. I have been busy searching for a new apartment and hanging out with friends! Thanks for reading, let me know some fun things you did this month, or fun things you’re looking forward to next month in the comments below!




Secret Garden 

Boston is full of hidden gems, that’s one of the many reasons I love this city! Recently I have been looking for out door places that I can go and relax. Don’t get me wrong I love the Common and the Public Gardens but they’re both always so run down with tourists. I wanted some where quiet and relaxing with not as many people. I stumbled upon the Emerald Necklace Conservancy a organization of parks in Boston. I went and visited the Kelleher Rose Garden this weekend and it was beautiful! The roses aren’t even in full bloom yet but the lush oasis tucked away in the Back Bay is just the pick me up I needed! There are 8 parks that make up the Conservancy and they are all worth a visit. Definitely take the time to visit this summer!  I love this dress from Primark! If you haven’t been to the downtown crossing location you should absolutely go! My belt is super old from J.Crew, it was actuLly one of this first things I ever bought from J.Crew! I stole these wedges from my older sister, the best place to shop is someone else’s closet!
Thanks all for reading and thanks to my friend Jess for taking these photos! Be sure to check out Jess’s blog Charming Bitch.

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Very Troubled Child

I don’t know how many of you out there are Wes Anderson fans but the foundered of the brand Very Troubled Child are huge fans! If you’re not getting the reference Very Troubled Child was the name of the book Suzy Bishop finds in her parent’s room during the movie Moonrise Kingdom. In 2013 Alberto Favaretto founded Very Troubled Child and began designing unique luggage and travel accessories.  I have been a huge fan of them for a while. if you follow their Instagram it is full of amazing shots taken in exotic locations featuring their bags. I was so excited to team up with VTC for this post. They recently sent me one of their phone cases to try, I am absolutely loving it! First of all I had mine monogrammed! They will monogram any of their products for you, I love a company that will do the monogramming for you! And when it comes to luggage/ travel accessories I absolutely think you should have it monogrammed! I picked their Seafarer case which is so nautically perfect for a New England girl like me. It has anchors, sailboats, light houses and oars! It was perfect timing to because I had just upgraded to the iPhone 7 and was looking for a new case. Its durable and cute, I’ve already dropped my phone a handful of times and it hasn’t been broken or scratched!

Very Troubled Child is a quality brand that cares about their customers. Don’t have the same boring bag as everyone else this summer. Check out VTC to get everything from phone cases and passport covers, to weekend and duffle bags!


This post was in collaboration with Very Troubled Child, I am a VTC affiliate. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Thank you very much for your support!


Kate Spade Bags I Love This Summer

When I was in high school and started working my first job as a hostess as a local restaurant I bought myself a Kate Spade purse. I bought it second-hand of ebay but it was all mine and it was the first really nice bag I had ever had. Since that purchase many years ago I have bought several bags from Kate Spade, it is a brand that I truly trust and am constantly excited by. That first purse I bought back in high school is still in excellent condition today, so that should tell you all you need to know about the quality! Every year Kate Spade comes out with fun and unique bags for every occasion!

As summer approaches I picked out a few bags that are just so fun and perfect for the warm weather!

1. bayard place riley 

PXRU7505_974.jpg This bag is a no brainer for summer time! The flowers and pops of color are so fun. But it is big enough that you can toss your laptop in it and head to the office. The outside pocket is perfect for your phone, head phones, or T pass!


2. cameron street straw clarise PXRU7529_974.jpg

I love this bag! It will definitely be my go to bag this summer! I love a cross body because you are not constantly fidgeting with it and it keeps your hands free. I love the pick and straw combination on this bag.


3. spice things up camera bagPXRU7481_974_1.jpg Remember how I said Kate Spade did FUN bags? Yeah this purse is a perfect example of this, all my Instagram Gurus out there NEED THIS BAG! This is so adorable I am in love.


4. bryant court ettaPXRU7462_269.jpg This would be my perfect everyday purse. It is big enough that I can fit all my stuff (read: crap I don’t need) in it but it is still cute. The black and white will match everything and is conservative for those days when you have a big presentation at work or a job interview for all my recent college grads!


I have so many purses but every now and then I get the itch to get a new one. Kate Spade is always my go to brand, yes some of the bags are really expensive but there are also more affordable ones available! And if you really want a Kate Spade bag, or any designer bag, but don’t want to dish out all the money for one check ebay! Or any of the hundreds of resale websites and apps there are now a days! Just be sure to verify the authenticity before buys. I have always had good experiences on Poshmark. One time I got a 400 dollar bag for 100 new with tags still attached! What bag is one your arm doesn’t define you but if you really want that super cute designer bag there is always a  way to get it for less! Look on resale websites and check for upcoming sales, a lot of places do a Friends and Family sale at the beginning of summer!

Thank you all for reading! Let me know what your favorite purse brand is in the comments section.

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A Summer Bucket List: Boston

Sometimes it gets so hot in the city during  the summer I just want to escape and get away. Last summer I spent a lot of time up at my boyfriends lake house in Maine and down the cape at my family’s beach house. But unfortunately this summer I will be in Boston Monday through Friday for work. I love my new job but am I little bummed I won’t be able to get away as much.

So I decided to come up with a whole bunch of fun things to do in the city this summer, I reached out to a bunch of local bloggers to see what they are most looking forward to this summer. It is so cool to see what other people do it really got me excited for the upcoming months! I’ll start with my #1!

1. Mine: Rooftop@Revere:

I love the rooftop bar and POOL at the Revere Hotel! It is the perfect place to go with your friends to escape the heat and sip on delicious cocktails! A day pass is $20 on the weekdays and $30 on the weekends. You can also rent a cabana for a higher fee and there are food and beverage minimums to be aware of! You can view the menu and hours here.images.png



2. Rachel Ross: Spectacle Island


I talked to Rachel Ross from Succulently Pure and she said: “I look forward to booking one Saturday every Summer to take a ferry ride out to Spectacle Island.  It is a quick and easy 20-minute ferry ride right out of the downtown harbor side of Boston (right next to the aquarium).  On those hot summer city days where you can’t seem to cool off no matter what you do, you will absolutely thrive from the breeze the island will give you.  I typically pack a cooler full of beverages and beach snacks, bring a couple of beach chairs and plan to lounge out on the beach while taking in the amazing views of the city from afar.  However, if you are more adventurous, you can pack sneaks and/or a bike to hike or ride all around the island.  Either way, you will find the peace and relaxation away from the city without having to head to the North or South to the beaches.” Purchase tickets and view schedule here.


3. Jess Looney: Boat Cruise Summer Series

“I’m from Ireland and I am the face behind the blog Charming Bitch. Since moving to Beacon Hill last September, I have loved exploring this wonderful city. The number one activity on my bucket list this summer is a Boston Boat Cruise. Great music, even better company and watching the sun go down whilst cruising the Charles will be a night to remember!”


4. Leah: Lawn on D

Leah from the blog Leah’s Life said “On my bucket list this summer is to make it to the Lawn on D.  It looks like so much fun and should be a great way to spend a summer evening with the family.  No cost, no drama, just fun with the family.  Of course we may add in dinner after in the Seaport. There are so many great options now: Committee, Blue Dragon, Aceituna, Sportello, Row 34, Babbo Enoteca and so many more new options.”


5. Jen: New England Aquarium

Jen from Preppy Francophile told me: “The #1 thing that I am looking forward to doing this summer is going to the New England Aquarium. I am all about promotion conservation and sustainability. I also find the exhibits fascinating, and, during quieter times, the sharks and rays tanks where you can pet Stingrays is wonderful and therapeutic!”


6. Joy: SOWA

I couldn’t agree with Joy more! “SOWA Boston is my favorite thing to do in the summer! The fresh food at the farmers market is where everyone should begin their kitchen cupboards. The unique art & gifts from local artisans and shops are plentiful!  Of course we can’t forget about the food trucks! We spend all morning and afternoon getting lost between all the local flair & flavor SOWA offers!”


7. Laura Chassaigne and Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman: Charles River Esplanade

Laura and Natalie from The Boston Day Book said: “Summer in Boston is so beautiful! We are most looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and the breezes on the Esplanade, as well as beautiful sunsets and concerts there in the evening. Plus, now that we have little ones, spending some time at the Esplanade splash pad or playgrounds, with a treat from nearby J.P. Licks in hand, sounds great too!”


8. Kanika: Piers park in East Boston

Kanika runs a great blog The Talking Trails and she told me: “Summer gives you ample time and countless opportunities to enjoy Boston’s  skyline over the water and watch the sunset all from the same spot at the same time! While there are many such places around MIT and seaport from where this million dollar view can be enjoyed , my personal favorite is Piers park in East Boston and LoPresti park in Maverick. An evening at any of these parks is bound to leave you satiated . For July 4 fireworks , these parks are perfect to  beat the crowds and stuffed transportation.”


9. Marsha: Amorino on Newbury St

Last but certainly not least my friend Marsha told me about this great place on Newbury that is now a must try for me: “I can’t wait to grab some flower shaped gelato at Amorino on Newbury St!!  Located in prime people watching territory, this little cafe is super cute and a great way to end a summer evening. I love the unique way they create their gelato cones, adding petals for each flavor you choose! They create a flower of flavors for you. To top it off, You can even add a macron to the center! You will definitely want to snap a picture of this beauty before eating”


Thank you all for reading! And big shout out to all the local bloggers who participated in this post, please go show them some love and if you liked this post be sure to like and share it!