Snow Day Snow Play 

One of the best parts about living in the city verse suburbs is NO SHOVELING!! When you wake up in the morning the freshly fallen snow holds only possibilities not responsibilities. I don’t own a car (T and Uber all the way) so I don’t need to worry about cleaning off a car saving a spot shoving the driveway. It means that after a snowstorm like we had yesterday I get to go explore our beautiful city all covered in white. Nothing is really more picturesque than the Public Gardens covered in a fresh blanket of snow. I tossed on my Bean boots, my favorite Northface hat and my new J.Crew coat and headed out to play in the snow. 

Something about the snow just makes me feel like a kid again. You can run, and play and everyone else is doing the same regardless of age. I’m sure by February I will be completely over the snow and be whining about how bad I wish it was summer but it this moment let’s just enjoy winter. If it is going to be this cold out we might as well have a beautiful play ground! 

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