Winter Whites

Back in the stricter days of fashion one did not wear white after labor day. Well preppies rejoice because winter whites are in. So don’t put away all your white jeans until Memorial day because you can wear them in the winter. Winter whites is one of my favorite looks for gloomy January, a pair of white velvet pants and a white quarter zip with some plaid pops and you are transformed into an adorable snow bunny. The was such a fun look and one of a New Years Resolutions was to be even more obnoxiously preppy and this look did just that! White on white, plaid button up layered underneath with a plaid vest on top.


Outfit details- Boots: Hunter,Pants: Vineyard Vines, Shirt: Vineyard Vines(old), Quarter Zip: Lands End, Vest: Lands End (similar), Scarf: J. Crew(old), Tote: L.L. Bean

Location- Arnold Arboretum

Photo Credit: JMP Images

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Unique Watch Unique Girl

People often accuse ‘preppy’ style of always being the same. But I disagree today I see so many so called ‘preppy’ people taking these classic looks and putting their own unique spin on them. Having an individual style while still thinking of yourself as preppy is absolutely possible, and  encouraged!

That is why I love to accessorize. I love adding unique scarfs, hats, and jewelry to my outfits to give them that extra pop. Anyone who know me will tell you I am a total watch junkie, I am constantly buying new watches, some of them get worn often, some of them get worn once to go with that one outfit, and others get lost in my closet never to be heard from again. Recently I started seeing JORD Wood Watches pop up all over social media, and of course I fell in love. I was so excited to get the opportunity to try this watch out and share my thoughts with all of you!

 First things first: JORD Wood Watches are amazing quality! I was so happy when I first took it out of the packages and felt it. The packaging itself it to die for, engraved wood box so cute!

These watches will go with everything, bundling up for the cold? My JORD watch looked so cute with all my cozy sweaters. And because it is would it won’t feel as cold against your skin as a metal watch wood. I cannot wait to go skiing next month and wear my JORD watch all around the lodge! JORD makes women’s watches and men’s watches meaning there are options whoever that special someone in your life is. Valentines Day is less than a month away people! I don’t know about you but I am terrible at picking out presents for my boyfriend, mike. He is just so hard to shop for. A men’s watch from JORD would be the perfect gift this Valentines Day.

I am so happy I was able to partner with JORD on this post and for all my loyal followers out there we have teamed up on an awesome GIVEAWAY!! Go to this link and enter to win $100 gift card to JORD, but everyone who enters will win a $25 credit at the end of the contest on February 19th! So go enter now! Really, I’ll wait here you go get yourself a fabulous watch. Done? Cool!

So happy to provide with awesome giveaway to all my followers thanks to JORD Wood Watches. The watch that I am wearing in all these photos is the Fieldcrest Zebrawood and Maple watch c/o JORD. Which watch will you pick if you win the GIVEAWAY?

Luxury Wooden Watch


Preppy Accessories 

Adulting can be hard. But not all of growing up sucks, being in my own apartment I finally get to put my own unique style on my space. I have loved shopping for home decor, kitchenware, furniture etc.

Recently I stumbled upon Haymarket Designs. They make all kinds of monogrammed accessories. I love a good monogram! Affordable and perfect for your first apartment. Need to stock up for college? This is one stop for all your preppy accessories!

Buffalo Check Plate c/o Haymarket Designs 


Snow Day Snow Play 

One of the best parts about living in the city verse suburbs is NO SHOVELING!! When you wake up in the morning the freshly fallen snow holds only possibilities not responsibilities. I don’t own a car (T and Uber all the way) so I don’t need to worry about cleaning off a car saving a spot shoving the driveway. It means that after a snowstorm like we had yesterday I get to go explore our beautiful city all covered in white. Nothing is really more picturesque than the Public Gardens covered in a fresh blanket of snow. I tossed on my Bean boots, my favorite Northface hat and my new J.Crew coat and headed out to play in the snow. 

Something about the snow just makes me feel like a kid again. You can run, and play and everyone else is doing the same regardless of age. I’m sure by February I will be completely over the snow and be whining about how bad I wish it was summer but it this moment let’s just enjoy winter. If it is going to be this cold out we might as well have a beautiful play ground! 


J.Crew Factory Sale

I have always been a fan of J.Crew Factory, I find that ‘preppy’ brands can cost big dollars! J.Crew Factory allows you to get the preppy look without emptying your piggy bank, when I was in high school it was my go to place to shop and is still one of my favorites! I’ve heard people complain that the quality isn’t as good as J.Crew retail, as someone who owns a lot from both branches of J.Crew I can say I have never had an issue with anything I bought at Factory. Is the quality as good as J.Crew? No but it’s still good and it’s half the price, you get what you pay for people!

In all the post-Holiday madness it is had to keep up with all the sales and after spending so much on gifts for others your bank account may be hurting a little. Which is why you can’t afford to miss this sale! Use the code WINTERFUN and get an additional 50% off clearance! Let me say that one more time, go to the clearance section, look at that already marked down price and then take an addition 50% off! There is some great finds in the clearance section right now I linked a few below! I got two new skirts that will be perfect to wear in the office this winter. I think I might go back and get a couple more things tonight. This sale is online only and is going on till January 8th while supply lasts so get on it!

30519_mf7619This is the perfect plaid flannel

02533_mf7088Can you ever really have enough vests?

f4701_mf7737This is one of the skirts I got

e0314_rd6483This coat is a total steal and FAB!


Let me know in the comments what you scored! Also going on right now is the Lilly APS, and the Vineyard Vines Whale of a Sale if you’re looking for a good deal!