Post Thanksgiving Tradition

On Thanksgiving we give thanks for all that we have and then not 24 hours later America celebrates Black Friday the largest show of consumerism every year. No judgement here I love Black Friday I am a bargain shopper and I wait all year to get my big ticket items during the sales. But having given thanks for all that I have and then spending time buying more on Black Friday I like to spend the Saturday after Thanksgiving going through my closet. I pick out all the things I haven’t worn in the past year and I donate them to charity. 

It always amazing me how much I accumulate in just one year but every year without fail there are shoes, purses and jackets that I didn’t touch all year. There are so many places to donate gently used clothes. A lot of people turn to Goodwill, I personally prefer churches and homeless shelters. Goodwill sells the clothes that are donated to them for a profit, I prefer that the clothes I donate just be given to people in need. So check with your local church or a homeless shelter in your area and see if they take clothing donations. In Boston I personally give to St. Francis House. St. Francis allows homeless people to come in and get a new outfit every week. They also provide people with clothes for job interviews so be sure to donate that blazer you haven’t worn in a few years but are just refusing to let go of. I love dress for success programs and I’m sure there is one in your area! 

I encourage everyone to look through their closets and donate this season. This isn’t my normal type of post but there are so many posts about sales and gift guides to come that I think it important to remind everyone that part of being grateful for all you have is maybe giving some of what you have to someone who needs it more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


J Crew Coats 40% off

I have never been a huge fan of Black Friday. If I am being totally honest I normally wait for the after Christmas sales to shop for myself. But right now J Crew is doing 40% off EVERYTHING! They never do that much off, ever!

I have been drooling over several of the coats they have on their website right now so I took advantage of this great sale and got myself a new coat. Definitely check out this sale while it’s here. Use code HOLIDAY at check out!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I am thankful for all the support I have received while starting this blog. Happy shopping!


Nashoba Valley Winery

I love wine! And I love going on wineries, New England wineries are so quaint and adorable not to mention the delicious wine. Last weekend I got the chance to visit Nashoba Valley Winery for the second time. They not only are on a charming property, they have fantastic wine, and their restaurant J’s is to die for.

Right now they have a Holiday Spiced Cranberry wine, it doesn’t get more New England than that! Nashoba Valley Winery is known for their fruit based wines, they make apple wines and strawberry wine, and blueberry wine. They are so good you have to go and try. A tasting cost $8 and a tour cost $12. I definitely recommend doing the tour before your tasting as they let you taste a few wines during the tour. Be sure to make a reservations at J’s before you go as they do fill up quickly. The food does not disappoint, and it is in the most charming stone house.

It is getting chilly now, but last weekend the sun was shining and the leaves were still putting on quite the show for us. Take some time to walk around the grounds and see everything this beautiful location has to offer. I can’t wait to go back, just 45 minutes from Boston this is a perfect day trip for you and your girlfriends!




Port of McCall Watch Co.

As we head into the holiday season I am in constant shopping mode! I have already started my list of what I am getting for various people on my list, and a new Port of McCall Watch makes the list a few times!

If you haven’t heard of Port of McCall Watch Co. they are a new company that designs high quality adorable watches! I love the canvas strap because it allows the watch to be dressed up and styled for a more casual day to day look. I’m so excited to give these as gifts this Christmas! I think that watches make perfect gifts for everyone and anyone. And with the different options for straps provided by Port of McCall you can find style watch that your dad, little sister, and cousin will all like!

I highly recommend a Port of McCall watch, if not for someone on your Christmas list then for yourself! Use code #PORTOFMcCALL for 25% off your order!


Watch c/o Port of McCall Watch Co.

Discount code: #PORTOFMcCALL


Strolling into November

Some people love Halloween, they love getting dressed up, eating candy, watching spooky movies. I’m just not one of those people, I like Halloween okay but it isn’t my favorite. October may be the prettiest month of the year but November is definitely my favorite. For starters my birthday is this month, I’m going to be 22. I remember when I was 16 and I decided that 22 was old enough and I would stop aging at 22. As old as middle schoolers make me feel I still feel so young. There are still so many things I want to accomplish in life and 22 is just the beginning. November also means it is time for Thanksgiving, time to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and stuffing! I am excited for the next month and I hope you are too.


Outfit Details: Cape-Nordstrom, Shoes-Nordstrom (old),  Leggings-J Crew , Sunglasses- J Crew (old), Necklace- KJP

Photo Credit JMP Image