Autumn on the Hill

I remember how much my friends hated history class back in high school it was the class no one liked and everyone complained about. Not me. I loved history, here I am today a history major in one of the most historic cities in the country. In Boston history isn’t just a subject in school but something we experience everyday. I was talking with a classmate the other day from California, I asked him what made him come to Boston and was he liking it thus far. He started talking about the buildings and how everything inCalifornia was brand new but here all the buildings were old but they had a history. I smiled because he put into words one of the things I love best about this city I’ve called home my entire life.

Historic Beacon Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods to stroll through, especially during Fall. The residents of Beacon Hill know how to decorate for every season but they do fall particularly well. The leaves haven’t quiet changed yet but they’re getting there. Give it a week or two and you should swing by Acorn street. It never disappoints, it is called America’s most photographed street for a reason. Today was a little over cast so I put on my favorite chunky sweater and strolled up and down the streets of Beacon Hill enjoying the latest hints of autumn that decorate some of the most historic buildings in all of America.

Location: Acorn Street

Sweater: Vineyard Vines                       Pants: Vineyard Vines                              Shirt: Vineyard Vines Sunnies: Rayban  Shoes: Nordstrom
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The View from Above

Something I love about living in the city is you can always find higher ground. Yeah sure you can go do the Skywalk at the Prudential Center but there are also a million other views out there. One of the things I always miss when summer is over is roof top bars. There are plenty to choose from some of my favorites include the Atlantic Beer Garden, trust me I get it its down in the seaport district and is a pain to get to, however being on the south side of the city does provide some pretty amazing views if you sit up on the deck! Some other standouts in the city, The Colonnade Hotel, it has a pool enough said. Legal Harbor side, the Roof top at the Revere Hotel and two of my other favorites. Rooftop bars are fun and the Skywalk observatory is a tourist trap but Boston’s best kept secret for amazing views is the Custom House Observation Deck. The old Custom House, now a Marriott Hotel will let you go up to the observation deck for $4.00 (cheaper than the Skywalk observatory) and the views are amazing! I went last summer and snapped a view shots!


I seem to have lost my photos from the other side which offers views of the skyscrapers that dominate the north end. If you have a free afternoon I highly recommend taking the trip!

Now that last view I have is newly discovered and unfortunately you won’t be able to come see if for yourself, but pictures are the next best thing right? The views from my new apartment honestly are a huge part of what made me settle on this place! You may not find the exact view but you can find views in Kenmore square! I personally am a sucker for a good picture of the Citgo sign all lit up at night. I hope you go outside last night and checked out the sunset, because it was amazing whether you were on a rooftop, walking home from work or just peaking out a window. Beauty always follows the storm, I try to keep things light here but this weekend our country experienced some pretty scary things, but I believe that good things must follow, we must make them happen. Be nice to someone hold the elevator, offer up your seat on the T, just smile more. Yesterday was rainy and stormy here in Boston but then we experienced a beautiful sunset. Always look for the beauty that follows the storm.



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Kick off to Fall

So I know, I’m super basic! But it’s who I am and I love being basic! So this morning my roommates and I got up super early, left the city and drove all the way up to the New Hampshire boarder to visit Colby Farm. If you’re on Instagram I’m sure you have seen the pictures of people frolicking through sunflower fields, if you haven’t go take a look at their geotag it’s so magical! It is a fantasy! Peak bloom was last week but there were still plenty of sunflowers to ogle at. The sunflowers are not the only attraction there are pumpkins and plenty of goodies in the farm stand. All the place needs is some picnic tables so people can stay and enjoy the sunflowers for a little longer! I bought some banana bread and cider donuts before leaving and they were both delicious! If you can’t make it to Colby Farm this season for the sunflowers definitely put it on your list for next year!