Lab is a Girls Best Friend 

Wow did August sure get away from me! This month became so busy and now it’s already time to head back to school. Sorry I have been MIA but there will be plenty of exciting content coming up! As much as I truly do love summer, autumn is hands down my favorite season! You can have summer anywhere but to me fall is something so uniquely New England! And this year I will have a new friend tagging along for all my fall adventures!

Everyone I would like you to meet Walter! As some of you may know my black Labrador Tucker passed away this spring and it was devastating. But after some discussion with the family we decided we were ready for another dog! We weren’t expecting to get one so soon my dad sent some emails of to various breeders just to get an idea of when their litters would be ready and a description of what we wanted. Not five minutes later a breeder in northern Maine called my dads cell and told him that he had exactly what we were looking for and that he was actually going ¬†to be in Kennebunkport (southern Maine) and could bring the puppy down so we didn’t have to drive all the way up to him! It was a bit overwhelming but we decided that it was perfect and we got in the car at 4:15am the next day and drove to Kennebunkport and met our new puppy! I fell in love instantly!

There was a big debate about what to name the little guy our other dog’s name is George so it had to sound good with that. Some names were vetoed some seriously considered but in the end just didn’t feel right. And finally my dad came up with Walter. And looking at the little guys face I just knew he was Walter. Plus George and Walter! They sound like two old men who get coffee together every Sunday!! Be sure to follow my Instagram @katie_c_mac for tons of Walter pictures! Here are a few from his first week at home!