Truro Vineyard and South Hollow Spirits

While I definitely could spend every single day at the beach I can admit that sometimes it is fun to mix it up and go do something different. Even going down the cape all my life I still find something new to do every summer, a new restaurant a new beach, or in this case a vineyard I had never been to! Truro vineyard and South Hollow Spirits is the perfect day trip when maybe it’s just a little to breezy for the beach!

All the way up near Ptown it was a little bit of a hike but it was so worth it! This beautiful picturesque vineyard offers tastings and tours with both the vineyard and the distillery! I walked away with three bottles after the tasting, the Cape Cod Blush is a must try! If you prefer red wines the Cranberry Red was the perfect wine for a lazy afternoon overlooking the water. Best part about these wines? Their bottles are shaped like light houses!! So darling!

After our tasting we walked around the gorgeous estate, there were good trucks set up offering a snack if you needed one and the cocktails bar. PSA sangria slush is a thing and it is amazing! We grabbed a couple of slushies and took a seat at a picnic table in the shade where we made some new friends! People often tell me that the people in the north east aren’t friendly and are closed off but I disagree maybe in the city during the work week. But I always meet such amazing people when I am out on little excursions like Truro vineyards!

It was the perfect day I cannot wait to go back and I definitely recommend everyone try to make it up there once this summer!

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