It’s almost the weekend!

This weekend I’ll be heading down to Newport, Rhodes Island! If you’ve never been you have to go, when you think of the perfect picturesque New England town you probably are picturing Newport, you just don’t know it!

Last time I was in Newport I took advantage of the historic sight seeing and I checked out the mansions, or “summer cottages” as the millionaires who used to own them referred to them as. If you go during the summer you can see the gorgeous landscaping outside and do the cliff walk and check out all the mansions. I have never been during Christmas but I am definitely going to try and go this December to see them all decked out for the holidays! Number 1 favorite is The Breakers, former mansion/cottage of the Vanderbilts.

Take a walk down Thames Street and pop into all the adorable little shops you would expect to find in a picturesque New England town. Grab a bite to eat and have some cocktails! I can’t wait for this upcoming weekend in Newport, there will be sailing, cocktails, shopping and plenty of pictures for you all when I get back! Here are a few from last years trip to Newport.

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