Dressing for spring

Today is rainy cold and sad, overall very un-spring like. Spring in Boston is so hard because we can have beautiful weather one day and then the next day it could be snowing. You wait and wait for winter to be over and then there is this weird transition period and then it’s summer all of a sudden and its 88 degrees out and you feel like you’re going to die of heat stroke at any moment. The pure shock of the heat after a cold winter could probably kill the fragile non-new eglanders out there. But those of us who brave New England winters again and again are built tough and if we can tough out a winter we can enjoy a humid summer. But wouldn’t it be nice if just once it wasn’t such a shock when the temperature rose, if we actually got a spring where we could enjoy mildly warm days to ease us into summer. It would be nice but unfortunately that just isn’t the reality we live in. We live in a place where you have to prepare for freezing and hope for a perfect sunny day. So here is a list of things every new englander needs in their closet to make it through “spring”

  1. Rain boots: I feel like I live in my hunters sometimes. I wake up and it’s pouring rain so I go digging in my closet for rain boots. Because let’s be honest if your feet are wet you just aren’t going to have a good day.
  2. Light spring jacket: I have so many jackets sometimes I think I’m an addict (okay I am definitely an addict but that’s for another day). But when I really look at all my jackets they all serve a different purpose. The spring jacket is essential for when you need a light layer I love this one from J. Crew!
  3. Rain jacket: I told you I love jackets, different from the light spring jacket the rain jacket is essential for days when the clouds move in and the sky’s open up. The brighter the better! I have personally always had a north face but I also like the Patagonia ones and the Vineyard Vines ones!
  4. Fun skirt: it may not be quite sundress season yet but when you get a nice day you will want to start pulling some of those bright fun summer skirts out! I love skirts I love a skirt even more if it has pockets! Pair with a cardigan to keep from looking to summery (as if such a thing exists!) I loved the skirts Vineyard Vines did this spring especially this purple one which is so different from what I normally wear but absolutely works!  
  5. Sandles: sometimes I will toss a pair of sandles in my bag just in case the day turns around and I can ditch my hunters! I have about a million pairs of old navy flip flops that are easy to grab when you’re on the go. But I adore Jack Rogers! I have several pairs at this point. Some people say they’re uncomfortable but I find you just need to break them in once you’ve walked around in them for a while they feel much better on your feet! I think I’ll be adding these navy ones to my collection next!
  6. Fun accessories: I love jewelry! I feel naked without a pair of earrings in recently I started using Rocksbox, a monthly subscription box that sends you different pieces of designer jewelry to try before you buy! The picture above features the necklace I got in last months box! It’s so fun to see what I get every month and if I don’t like a piece I just send it back and they send me something new. If your not sure about signing up for Rocksbox use my code to get one free month, give it a try before deciding to become a member! Code: katiecmacxoxo  
  7. Oxford shirt: it doesn’t matter what season it is, how hot or cold it is, whether you are tall, short, skinny, plus size whatever. I will tell every single person on the face of this planet that they need a button down collared shirt! Go to J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, I don’t care but join the civilized world and get your self a button down! They come in so many different colors and prints that I bet there is one out there somewhere in this world that you will like.

So those are my must haves! Obviously a lot more goes into a New England wardrobe than just these seven items. Let me know what your must haves are in the comment section!

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