Spring in Boston

I often feel like spring has a bad rep here in Boston. We all gush over fall and the pretty leaves (so guilty) we spend so much time talking about winter, and when summer comes along we can’t wait to escape to the cape! But no one ever really gives spring the credit it deserves. We put up with a lot from winter in the city, the bitter cold, clearing off your car saving your parking space after you dig it out, T delays. When spring comes we should celebrate the end of winter, we should appreciate the fact that it is a few degrees warmer and the snow has finally stopped falling!

Now I know spring in Boston may not be like spring in other places, you may not be able to immediately pull out your sundresses and sandles. It rains, a lot. But it’s spring, it’s time to start fresh we made it through yet another winter and spring is our reward. So here’s to spring!

Today I took a stroll along the esplanade and through beacon hill enjoying the sunshine on my face. As we head into marathon weekend I really wanted to take in my city before it becomes mobbed with out of towners. The Boston Marathon will always have a special place in my heart and it is an important part of the spring season in Boston!



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