So I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but over the past year or two monthly subscription boxes have been popping up left and right. You can get a monthly box of socks, makeup, even wine! But recently I signed up to start getting a monthly Rocksbox, aka designer jewelry!!!! I just got my first one and I am already obsessed, the pieces that come in Rocksbox are to die for! Its completely tailored to your taste based on a wish list you create!

The best thing about Rocksbox is that every month they send you three pieces of designer jewelry and then you can either buy the pieces you love at a discounted price or send them back and Rocksbox will send you a new piece! I may have to hold on to this necklace it is to gorgeous to send back! If you’re not sure Rocksbox is for you and want to try it for one month for free use my code: katiecmacxoxo for one free month of Rocksbox! Perfect time with Prom coming up to, get a box just in time with the perfect accessories for your big night!

Rocksbox code: katiecmacxoxo


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