Apartment Hunt- Done

I’m Moving!!!! The past 6 weeks or so I have been apartment hunting all over Boston. I checked out places in Beacon Hill, super close to school, super historic (I love me some history), I looked at a place in the North End, a place on Symphony, and a place in Kenmore square. After much searching, meeting with roommates (I don’t want to live with a psycho been there done that) and weighing all the pros and cons of each place I have finally made my decision! I had to be on the green line, end of story. The green line is the absolute worst, I don’t think there has even been a time when they were not experiencing “minor delays”. But the green line accesses some of, in my opinion, the best parts of the city. And it has stops at Park St. (Suffolk University student here) and the Prudential Center where I work! I had to have my own room, I’m sorry but I don’t care how nice your place is or how cheap the rent will be if we share a room, not happening! I just don’t share my sleeping space well I guess. Then the roommate thing. I like to think that I’m the type of person who can get along with anyone, but I also believe that I have been cursed when it comes to roommates! Now I’m sure everyone has a horror story or two about a bad roommate or a weird thing a roommate did but guys… I have like ten! First I picked my roommate going into freshmen year of college because no way did I want to live with some rando, but the housing department messed up and sure enough I ended up with some rando, J. There are about a million reason why me and J were not meant to be roommates, nicest girl ever nothing malicious about her so it made it impossible to hate her, but oh god did I hate living with her! For those of you who don’t know I attended American University for my freshmen year of school before transferring to Suffolk.


So I get accepted into Suffolk and I find the perfect roommate she was everything, we were soul sisters destined to be best friends I’m sure of it! But then she ended up not attending Suffolk and had to bail! But I persevered and found another roommate she was cool, way cooler than I’ll ever be, and so nice we were all ready to move in together for the fall. But then my financial aid got messed up so I couldn’t start Suffolk that semester and we couldn’t live together! Are you starting to see a pattern here?

So there’s this girl from work B, love her! She’s the best we start looking for an apartment together for next year with two of her other friends, but we all kind of had different ideas about what we wanted (it was doomed from the start) and then B’s roommates decided they were going to renew their lease and convinced her to stay with them. Home wreckers! I was cursed I was sure of it. I used to like the saying third times the charm but three times my roommate situation has fallen apart in the past year, but guys it finally happened! I finally found normal human beings who want to live with me and we signed the paper work and its going to be wonderful!!! Drumroll (make sound in your head if you wish) I will be living in Kenmore Square next year!! Yay for things working out! Remember friends if you ever find yourself trapped in a cycle of negativity the only way out is to be positive keep pushing for what you want even if it seems impossible because finding a place to live with normal roommates sure seemed impossible but I did it!


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