Winter thaw

This time last year I’m pretty sure I was still trying to fit in a couple more ski days, but not this year. This year its all steam ahead to the greatest time of year summer! Summer means cape cod, long nights by the bon fire with friends, pool parties, the beach and the beach and the beach. Did I mention I love the beach?

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed taking winter wonderland pictures all over the city just as much as every other basic white girl but my Lilly dresses are screaming to be worn! My jack rogers are getting dusty sitting in the back of my closet and today told me that it might soon be time to swap them out for me bean boots. Bye winter! I would say that you will be missed, but my mother taught me that lying is wrong. I do enjoy the few pictures I get of Acorn St. covered in snow, or getting to wear UGG boots everywhere because hey there’s snow on the ground who cares, and my cashmere sweaters will be sad tucked away till November, but I cannot pretend to be sad with them. I don’t know about you but I am still a little traumatized from last winter, 108 inches of snow was enough for three years thank you very much. So heres to the thaw out, and to laying out… on the common, because spring is here and I could not be more thrilled!


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